The United Nations General Assembly can create the worlds newest country to protect the rainforest from further industrial destruction   

A Declaration of Independence has been signed by Indigenous Leaders of the Amazon Rain-forest to be a Sovereign Nation State

A majority vote by 97 + countries to support independence under the Antarctica Agreement principles, will protect the Rain-forest 

 An Industrial Military Invasion    

 An International Facilitation       

 A Life Sustaining Ecosystem       

 An Ancient People                     


 All the Leaders of Ecuador's Eleven Indigenous Nationalities have signed the Nature Nations Declaration       

Nature Nations

Nature Nations

The Rainforest will be the world's newest 'Nation State' Country, based on the Declaration of Independence signed by the Indigenous People supported by International governments with a majority vote at the United Nations

Nature Nations

Nature Nations

The Rainforest will be the world's newest 'Nation State' Country, based on the Declaration of Independence signed by the Indigenous People supported by International governments with a majority vote at the United Nations

Nature Nations

Nature Nations

The Rainforest will be the world's newest 'Nation State' Country, based on the Declaration of Independence signed by the Indigenous People supported by International governments with a majority vote at the United Nations

Nature Nations

Nature Nations

The Rainforest will be the world's newest 'Nation State' Country, based on the Declaration of Independence signed by the Indigenous People supported by International governments with a majority vote at the United Nations


Human survival relies in part on a healthy rain-forest ecosystem. We need to protect it from the industrial destruction which is currently contaminating the Amazon;   Yet international governments and investors are planning thousands of new developments which will devastate this ecosystem

and its people.

There are only two international legal mechanisms that exist as a last chance to defend the rain-forest.

1. The rain-forest has the legal right to be an independent country, completely protected from industrial contamination and the United Nations has the power to facilitate this into force. 


All of the indigenous leaders of Ecuador unified to sign a Declaration of Independence 

and the legal instruments necessary to request membership at the United Nations as a new nation state.


This document has been submitted to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon under Rule 134 of the United Nations General Assembly. Rule 135 required him to distribute the Declaration of Independence and membership request to all the United Nations state members.  Following this, under rule 136, the Security Council must decide whether the General Assembly will vote to support the Rainforest becoming a new country.


A majority vote at the United Nations, of 97 + countries, will enable the Rainforest to gain complete protection from industrial destruction, in accordance with the principles of the Antarctica agreement and the ancestral wisdom under which the indigenous people have traditionally lived.

To read more about the original vision for Nature Nations, click here >>>

2. Victory Amazon

An International Criminal Court argument which has the power to stop individual developments from progressing.  The court currently has three SQP-ICC arguments under review to defend the Amazon.  These submissions profile a unique way to legally prevent environmental destruction with the power of the worlds highest court if the budget and appetite to protect exists.  Miriam identified that the Rome statute could prevent environmental destruction and has promoted this since 2010. The court acknowledged that Environmental Destruction was a valid argument in September 2016.  


Now the challenge is to strengthen the cases and see them progress to trial.  For example, in Ecuador, the case is currently registered with the court that has the power to stop the Chinese mining on the Shuar land but for a range of possible reasons, the court is not enforcing their right to jurisdiction on Ecuador, in order to take the case to investigation or trial.  


To strengthen this case and develop international support that may compel the court to act and prosecute the crime of destroying the Amazon and its people, is one of the last ways to defend the Amazon against industrial annihilation.

To read more about the Victory cases for the Ecuador, visit 

Or to review all the Victory cases visit

Both international legal opportunities to defend the Rain-forest were identified by Miriam Clements of SQP.  To our knowledge, no other international legal defenses or mechanisms exist with the enforceable power to defend the rainforest and its people.  #NatureNations and #VictoryAmazon are our chance to defend this ecosystem. However the fight to make the International Criminal Court judiciary and the United Nations administrators act in positive favor of protecting the rainforest, is proving difficult.


The mechanisms to protect exist, where the world thought that they didn't, however the people with the power to administer the mechanisms are refusing or failing to act.  

If these two actions fail, there is no other existing defense for the Rainforest against thousands of industrial developments which advance now and which will destroy this ecosystem and its people.


The Nature Nations campaign needs to be developed with financial support to compel this to chance with the United Nations and International Criminal Court.

To read more on Miriam's work,

click here 

An ancient, spiritual, culturally rich people, who have been starved of access to money and development.  However the stress under increasing industrial contamination is shattering their culture and way of life.

In addition to the exploitation of industrial developers and their own governments, NGO's have raised millions in their names and by telling their stories for the profit of donations but that money raised by Rainforest NGO's is never passed on directly to any indigenous people.  Currently the NGO's take an keep foreign donations intended to help them protect their land and the government takes all other monies meant for investment into the Rainforest.  The indigenous people can only access money from the government if they agree to allow their Rainforest lands to be industrially contaminated.  


Without money the indigenous cannot afford to fly their sick out of the jungle for medical help.  If they have a headache, pain or minor injury, they suffer without medicine.  They cannot afford to educate their young.  They cannot pay for telephones or the internet for their communities.  They cannot travel.  In some cases the indigenous nationalities are agreeing to industrial contamination in order to access the most basic dignities of life, possible through accepting industrial or government bribes.

Importantly, if the indigenous people want to mobalize out of the jungle, in order to protest the devastation of their lands that is being forced upon them by illegal development, then they are without money to pay for food, phones, bus tickets, canoe or plane journey's necessary to enable them to arrive at one place of protest.

The indigenous people are starved of investment but increasingly wealthy foreigners come in and establish Rainforest eco-retreats or NGO's to profit off their land and image, and yet the indigenous remain with no money to create these business's or representative profiles for their own financial benefit.  This really needs to change.  The world forces an eternally impoverished state on these people while industrialists are slowly poisoning them to death.


A journey through the Rainforest with the indigenous people, is a life changing experience.  The power of nature is felt so strongly in the midst of the jungle's magnificence.  The potential for tourism to change the lives of the indigenous people from absolute poverty toward sustainable development is generous.  If such development is financed directly with the indigenous people as partners in the ventures, it will empower the people to recover their strength to fight against the illegal industrial developments that threaten their land and threaten the Rainforest for all of humanity.

The greatest protection possible for the Rainforest, is to financially empower the indigenous people toward trade and self sufficiency so that they fight to protect the sustainability of their land because they can afford to finance their own legal defense's and defend their own territories.

On the link to Investment Initiatives, you can view a range of ways you can invest through SQP to partner the development and empowerment of the indigenous people.

The industrial military complex is currently militarizing 

indigenous lands of the jungle, to force-ably defend their illegal exploitation of resources and escalating contamination the rainforest.  In Ecuador, the main contributors are President Correa, The Chinese President, and Italian and Canadian business interests.

The indigenous struggle to defend their land and health against state of the art military forces and the in-action of International governance groups like the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to protect, leaves the indigenous people to a fateful devastation if they are not economically strengthened.

The indigenous leaders express a need for opposition to the military which forces 

contamination and destruction upon the jungle and its people.  If the Rainforest were a country, they would have their own armed force to protect the nature and Rainforest but currently the armed forces force the devastation of this ecosystem.

The indigenous people also reject the exploitation of the NGO's who raise millions of dollars in donations in the name of protecting the Rainforest by using the image of the indigenous people and yet, they do not support or add value to the international legal defenses that challenge the governments and investors who are criminally liable.  More importantly they never share any of the money raised directly with the indigenous people whose image compels the financing.  Indigenous leaders expressed a desire to stop NGO's using imagery of the Rainforest so they may build an identity to gain direct financial support by the international donators 

who wish to protect this ecosystem; or at minimum, force the NGO's to share the financial benefit, in order to aid their survival.

The international facilitation of the opportunities for sustainable development, legal defenses and to gain supporters among other 

international governments is essential.

SQP represents the indigenous leaders to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.  The #VictoryAmazon and #NatureNations initiatives, use the existing laws and rules within the world's most powerful judiciary and governance group, to enable a last chance defense and protection from industrial developments, for the Rainforest and its people.

SQP will work to raise the profile of #NatureNations and #VicotryAmazon with campaign promotions to gain the world's public support that may in time, compel the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to act to defend the Rainforest. 

SQP has a clear objective to work 50/50, in partnership with the indigenous people to develop business, financing, trade and development opportunities for them, with the shared objective to empower the population to protect the rainforest and live with dignity.

The current scope for development includes :


+ Hotel resorts which center around the ancient wisdom, rituals and culture that the indigenous have to share with the world, accompanied by the breathtaking experience to journey the Amazon rivers and jungle.


+ A clothing label to defend the rainforest will feature the indigenous weaving a band as a symbol of protection.

+ Clean air, sold conceptually and in bottles for sale in polluted markets like China.

+ Carbon Credits that international companies support for direct investment with the indigenous people under their ancient traditions to care for the Rainforest.

+ Ancient indigenous designs painted on plates

Miriam Clements is the principle partner at SQP, directing these initiatives.

For further information please click the NN Investment Initiatives link on the navigation bar.


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