The Economic Transition Possible With Logicism
14 political changes that will catapult your quality of life

Logicism demonstrates 14 legal, philosophical, political changes to

- End environmental destruction through existing, unused law.

- Render industrialists criminally or financially liable for contamination.

- Relieve taxpayers of ETS financial liability for industrialists pollution.

- Seize wealth directly or indirectly related to environmental destruction,

- Enable comprehensive sustainable industry transition 

Rebalance the economic system,

- Advance equal opportunity to all people,

- Restructure government to prioritise value for the population,

- Provide dignity and a comfortable existence to every citizen,

- End environmental destruction and ensure justice for its profiteers,

- Extend opportunity to create and meaningfully contribute,

- Enhance the pursuit of individual wealth, success and freedom. 

Miriam Clements

Know the construct

of your system

Our political system has been systematically hijacked for the value of a few, and no longer enables equal opportunity for the many. This is not sustainable.


Our traditional political parties represent various factions of competitive business power, while increasingly failing

to protect the general population's standard of living.

Logicism can transition to a superior political system that will ensure the integrity of our nation's governance for the value of each citizen.  Logicism enables people to understand the obvious changes necessary in politics.

If Logicism was voted into power and the 14 Logicism changes were executed, the value of the nation would return to the benefit of all its citizens; a limit the control

of international beneficiaries and those of extreme wealth.


Logicism is an encompassing solution to rebalance economies and societies with the best of each historic system, along with superior evolutions that resolve the

unique challenges of this time and culture.

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In order to restore communications and energy prices to a minimum, we must restore state ownership of privately owned resource companies, which provide essential service or value to the population; so that cost and provision is optimised for public benefit not private profit, to reflect the principle of
Common Ownership
of Common Resources
and the governments
exclusive generation
of debt for public profit
Prosecute and legislate to eliminate all profits from defense, pharmaceutical and dirty industrial companies, to

Here's how.


Legislate so that no company may profit from maintaining people's illness, harming human life, sabotaging human health by destroying the environment, prevent human healing by prohibiting plants which heal, diminish human freedom or destabilize societies.


Pharmaceutical companies will be non-profit, These companies will lose the obvious

incentive to prolong ill-health or limit access to cures, in order to generate extended profits from each sick customer.  The motivation to harm or delay healing for profit is perverse and no doubt has an effect on weather fast cures are put to market versus drugs of reduced effectiveness in order to profit.


Scientists will be directly financed by governments to discover fast, effective and complete cures with the goal of optimised health for all in society.  The generic formulas for foreign drugs will be licensed for national supply and produced locally.  An example of this includes many anecdotal accounts online that evidence marijuana is healing cancer completely. Natural holistic practitioners will be encouraged to train the population on natural healing techniques such as energy rebalancing and natural remedies known to our ancestors.


If pharmaceutical companies were non profit, then knowledge sharing and innovative healing would be the pursuit, with the possibility of all nations being licensed for self sufficient production of all drugs necessary to restore the health of all citizens across the world.

All natural plants will be deemed legal, for health and healing.  This will eliminate the injustice of marijuana related incarcerations or end the war on drugs which has enabled poisonous aerial sprays over indigenous communities in South America, tantamount to genocide.  Drugs from natural plants are currently monopolised for pharmaceutical profits and protecting their profits will no longer motivate unethical imprisonments and the destruction of foreign populations.

Citizens should be educated on the benefits and dangers of these mind altering plants

and any related substances, but have the choice to engage them or not without repercussion.

War will be declared illegal by new legislation

Those who’ve participated in or profited from war will be prosecuted for complicity in inflicting genocide on victim populations.  It is not logical to have rules that govern the mass murder of others, when these rules are currently be used by false media narratives to allow illegal conflicts presented under legal rules of engagement.


Existing law can seize all profits related to war, rendering defense companies not-for-profit and allowing all their related wealth  to be seized by the court.  Their owners must no longer able to profit from the death and destruction of war; especially from illegal conflicts as it is the greatest motivation for war.


Clements, the author of Logicism currently

has a legal argument currently under review by the International Criminal Court, which determines the court's power to seize all profits related to war, under existing law.


Clements has applied this pioneering argument to the court's' power to prevent the Syrian war.  

Read more at:

Dirty industry will no longer contaminate our water, air, soils, oceans and ecosystems for profit, as per the work to bring existing law to life which ensures this by SQP


Toxic Fertilizer companies will not trade 

pesticides and chemical fertilizers which poison the food system and inflict ill health among the population.  There are farming systems and new technologies that no longer require ecosystem destruction to generate agriculture production.

Private prisons will no longer profit from the incarceration of individuals, as this effectively privatises of the criminal system; could corrupt policing and the judiciary and will incentivise unfair incarceration for profit. 


Prevent and prohibit profit from human devastation or death
Disclose all corporate owners of all major companies and decentralise the media, to
Require media, corporate and government transparency
and integrity
Here's how.

The media must be decentralised from a few conglomerates owned by individuals who create reality without any legal requirement to present the truth. Thus we currently accept the fact that these individuals determine what we should and shouldn't know or how we should perceive certain individuals in accordance with their personal or political value to determine them a hero or villain.  We cannot accept our major news sources to be the design of a few owners who create the population's news with personal agenda's


Large media entities will be forcibly broken up and sold off to many small, independent owners, who will then become bound by a licence for honest journalism.


Journalists and media entities will be required to become licensed,to ensure that they present the truth.  They will lose their license if they are dishonest in their presentation of facts, unbalanced or defamatory.

The independence of media entities is essential to maintain a perspective of truth and to avoid the current situation where media owners promote illegal wars, agreements against the public's interests and false narratives to benefit private business.

Corporate Owners will be disclosed by name.  The law that currently allows identity protection for the individual shareholders who benefit from the largest international corporations, thus allowing their immunity from responsibility for the harm inflicted for them to profit., will be cancelled and their identities disclosed.


Individuals who own the companies that consume most of the populations earnings will be clearly identified so that these individuals can be held responsible for their choices. Such transparency will inspire the integrity of company decision makers in order to avoid public , criminal or reputational liability for the actions of their companies.


Owners or shareholders of companies that profit from the public in any way, will be transparently on public record with their individual names disclosed.


These two changes should help to diminish the allegiance to an international financial system, establishment and some say shadow government, which is benefiting from presiding over wars, environmental destruction, media manipulation, toxic agriculture systems creating ill health, general oppression, increasing austerity measures, and currencies controlled by a system that is currently too privatized for the public to clearly understand.

Disable the power of central governments to manage local populations budgets for health, security, education and services 
Decentralise power to
city states and convert central government into an administrator and advisor.
Here's how.
Central Administration will distribute budgets for health, education and services to local state directors, who will allocate expenditure with public transparency, under local governance.
Decentralised systems will encourage innovation within health and education provisions, with purpose to improve the population’s quality of life.
Logicism changes will evolve central government into a communication and innovation platform focused on wisdom, science, knowledge and philosophy.  Central government will also administer a superior structure for problem resolutions for local state challenges and the justice system.
Parliaments will never house career politicians who practise arguing the art of misrepresentation, to balance the interests of the wealthy, by compromising the populations needs to make their agenda's possible.
Parliaments will become inclusive of engineers, scientists, philosophers, inventors, health practitioners and other experts in each relevant area to human life, in order to balance the legal, business and administrative representatives who dominate parliament, so that a broad cross section of experts in life skills and innovation will work to evolve the best quality of life for the population, with intent for each state to deliver a unique, competitive excellence to their local population. 
We aspire to engage leaders who would rather see everyone living with opportunity, harmony, health, peace, freedom and the opportunity to discover their unique expression of life, in preference to the current political systems which supports a few individuals who covet an unbalanced level of wealth and control.
Central defense systems for a nation will focus on those technologies which can deflect threats, rather than arsenal's which can launch attacks. Military would no longer engage in illegal conflicts such as Syria, to train the defense force invited specifically to rescue illegal rebel fighters, such as the 25 million spent by the New Zealand national government financing the white helmets.

Here's how.

Health, happiness, quality of life, connection, fulfillment and peace is a convergence of mastery, which can be achieved if a person learns to balance the complexity of all elements which affect them and all that is united through their world.


The Heal Power Mastery perspective evolves a person through the process of healing, the discovery of their personal power and the mastery to live with their mind, body and spirit in equilibrium.  The Logicism author profiles an introduction to this theory briefly at:


In a perfect world, a person would learn the skills of maintaining health, nutrition and fitness, master methods to gain contentment, balance, peace and everything related to gain a complete perspective for the strategy to achieve their greatest self, best quality of life's and highest self..


An education to be their best quality person will then be aligned with the core educational skills such as reading, writing, maths, science, critical thinking and specific vocations.  The greatest, most essential skills that a person can learn, is to manage themselves with dignity and treat others with respect.


Logicism delivers a system where people will aspire to live with dignity in a dignified way.  High quality cultural values are important to foster a nation of quality human beings.

Education should be defined by balancing real life skills and innovation.  A person's mental balance and wellbeing should be the systems first priority.  The goal should be to develop a society of wise, enlightened, compassionate, respectful human beings.

A higher level of pre-emptive action to protect people from threatening behaviour of a mentally ill person must be established. Currently there is no methodology to prevent a person threatening or harassing another.  There is no adequate law or procedure to prevent bullying.  The individuals living in society which behave in a way that violates others peace and security must be swiftly held accountable.  New laws and procedures need to be innovated in this area as stalking and harassment has the power to devastate the lives of the victims and yet there is no reasonable solution to prevent or diminish it.

Gross Domestic Product will measure the wealth of human spirit, dignity, harmony and positivity.  The measure of a successful society will no longer be by industrial contracts and unsustainable business models but rather a measure of a happiness, ease and a thriving culture due to many opportunities for local people to create and meaningfully contribute.

Productivity will not be essential to existence

This financial system will eliminate the necessity of productivity from the human experience and simultaneously stimulate entrepreneurial opportunity and business opportunity to build and develop the economy.

This adjustment of expectations surrounding existence, recognizes that some people are motivated to create and contribute to life through productive execution and others are inspired to express within the realms of human connection, creativity or perhaps simply observation orto support of others who produce.

Each individual's existence should be dually possible without monetary stress and difficulty of survival.  This freedom to contribute time rather than productivity, is most obviously relevant for women who are full time mothers, which is a natural role that equates to a full time job, which should be easily possible for a woman to choose without being rendered poverty stricken.

Evolve people's perspectives, intuition and innate wisdom to
Evolve societal beliefs with  wisdom and
 genuine spiritual connection
Here's how.
* a philosophy, not a policy.
Evolving religion
A unified belief could evolve from the best teachings of all the great people who’ve lived and spoken words of wisdom.  Religion and belief systems directly impact the peace and security of others in society.  It is essential that religions are not suggesting behaviour that contradicts the laws that protect human rights. 
Appreciating that many current day religions and ideologies were designed centuries ago when science didn’t explain, knowledge was scarce and a global community unknown; a updated understanding may be valuable
for future generations.
An understanding of a simple universal wisdom, that inspires toward a cultural integrity of goodness, kindness, prayer, generosity, love, compassion, physical exercise,  train your mind with wisdom. Connecting people to a spiritual energy through deep breathing to absorb and channel the energy of information surrounding us.

A design of super intelligence
An intelligence beyond our comprehension designed this world of beauty and intricate complexity.  It’s a game greater than us.
We're only the talent playing the stage.
We use many names to describe our understanding of the incredible power in and over the energy that constructs life on earth. An energy immersed through all things, holding the world's form in an illusion that makes sense to each of us through the limitations of our own perspectives.

Embracing self connection

To know, love and discover who exists within, the greatest contribution to life. A connection that identifies the gift you can offer the world. Unafraid of your genius. Impervious to judgement of your unique expression.
Applying wisdom and philosophy that governs one’s mind with beauty and detachment over the chaos of emotions. Discovering your expression of humanity,
your limits, lessons and loves.
Seek potential. Make memories. 
A discovery of one's soul and greater purpose.

Perceive the journey differently

Understanding life as a journey of many pathways we choose to take or leave.  
We co-create the world around us.
Empowered to design and change it all.
Yet perhaps where fate is engraved, beyond failed encounters, opportunity represents that direction until we execute with success. Perhaps we each have a purpose.
Eliminating expectations we cannot feel disappointment. Letting go of everything past except the lessons and people of value. Everything ends, nothing is secure.
Perhaps risk is the journey.

Curating peace and balance within
will reflect peace in society
The external world we desire and dream of,
is formed and reflected by our individual behavior that contributes to the collective energy to mirror our resulting frequency.  
If we desire freedom and peace, kindness and love, belonging and community, then we create that world in our everyday endeavors.
If we wish for justice and the accountability of those who harm humanity or the environment, then we must be willing to stand up for the greater good of life on earth and curate the change which will create that higher vibration.
Given the development of mental illness, it may be apparent that the beliefs we hold in our mind about existence, the world, our connections or ourselves, impact the peace and happiness within our societies.  

To protect the wealth and disposable income of the nation and its citizens, to protect the value of the currency, their trade opportunity and their sovereign power, it is essential to:
Dismantle large
wealth control and transfer schemes, incl. 
currency control,
the Stock-market,
the Paris Agreement
and foreign ownership laws
Here's how.
Create a self-sufficient economy that does not require participation in the market systems that facilitate the systematic transfer of wealth from people of moderate means, to the instant fortunes of a few curators.
Eliminating these systems stops companies from growing beyond accountability that allows them to devalue and compromise human life for personal profit, without proximity.   It will prevent the anonymity of shareholders and bondholders, that currently allows them to avoid responsibility for destructive actions taken with their money, with almost guaranteed impunity. 
Dismantling the stock market still allows foreign investment by private agreement.
It is essential that any trade agreements such as the TTP, are cancelled so that companies cannot sue the government to secure public money, when they allege a private loss caused by action for the public benefit.
Such agreements currently evolving are in some cases single lawsuits are capable to bankrupt a nation for private payouts.
Cancelling agreements like the Paris Agreement is important as it cannot enforce, nor does it require a comprehensive end to environmental destruction or fossil fuels. Rather it is facilitating a global tax and trade financial system, to empower and finance unipolar central global administration that will receive billions paid out from citizens taxes and threatens the future sovereign power of nation states.  The balance is proposed to transfer from the poor taxpayers of one nation, to the often corrupt wealthy leaders of another, based on a promise to use the money to transition from highly profitable dirty industry based on an unenforceable agreement.  Hence that money can be transferred and achieve nothing, with no accountability.   Instead, if international environmental law was applied as per the Logicism author's global climate change legal argument currently under review by the world's highest court, then it would not be necessary to pay billions for other countries leaders to profit from the taxes of average citizens, while the industrialists who primarily responsible for the contamination at the point of extraction and the point of sale for consumption are not necessarily taxed at all for their crime; instead through an I.C.C. prosecution, those responsible for the crime will cover the cost of the destruction.
[ Read the superior solution applying existing international law in an innovative way to resolve this ]
For example, the taxpayers of New Zealand are due to transfer 14 billion dollars in the next 5 years to the often corrupt leaders of developing nations, with a central world governing body receiving and [perhaps] redistributing some of the funds, while our own nation's people suffer poverty.  In Australia they will transfer 75 billion offshore into this global fund that taxes the C02 breath of life, where in the next 5 years.
Important to note, that this tax is based on the illogical narrative that this gas that we breathe out to stay alive, is what the oceans and trees breathe in to stay alive, thus it is a life generating gas that naturally compensates for its environment and processed itself through the atmosphere within 4 - 5 years.  C02 is only 0.04% of the air molecules that exist in the air, which only equates to 1 industrial C02 air molecule to every 86,800 air molecules that exist in the world. This tiny portion of life giving gas is now deceptively positioned as the world's greatest threat to life, with clear purpose to attain the world's first global tax and trade agreement, that will facilitate not only the transfer of our wealth but also the future risk of loss of sovereign power and relinquishment of power over national taxes. Nationals are in effect willingly giving up their sovereignty to an international shadow government due to fear caused by a confused and inaccurate climate change narrative, that has a clear objective of achieve a governance and financial structure to enable a one world government.
While the power for floated currencies to be devalued by money market trading can b;e managed by good government policy and leadership who are experienced enough to manage this risk, it can also affect or devastate entire populations based on the trades of magnates to attain personal wealth. Large trading systems are easily corrupted and they generally inflict losses on the majority population for the benefit of a few who play the game well, which is not an equitable nor sustainable construct.  However, the fact that we have a floated currency, means that we do not have the risk of bankruptcy and our cheques will always be cleared as a nation.
However, a second currency, which is not floated, allows a second closed market, until the general population is living in good economic and social health, such 'bulk money control' systems that allow individual foreigners to manipulate the value, cost of living or business survival of an entire populations, should not be legal. Thus, the risks around currency trading and the bond market can be balanced by a second currency.

Fixing the housing market to stabilize values throughout the five year transition, will allow for the administration to decentralize and deregulate the provision of currencies and trading groups, without crashing house values, which will allow people to agree on an exchange of value between themselves.This trading flexibility will allow the utilization of multiple possible systems, which they can choose to trust in, rather than those they are forced to trust in.  Current financial mechanisms which we are accustomed to use are often connected to privately controlled central banks, as another way to control a nation for private benefit.


This flexibility for trade, finance and value will increase people's freedom and self sufficiency.   This will also help to end the control, often foreign control, of a nation for the benefit of a few individuals who control the trading. 


Many people may continue to use the central currency as they already trust it, but the power to artificially manipulate the currency value will be eliminated.  People can also use sophisticated online management of independent currencies, including crypto currencies such as bitcoin.  


A central exchange to recognise a mutual value for alternative currencies, where a central value is required, such as when the administration is extending a mortgage to purchase a home.

Laws to protect local property ownership by local nationals must be ensured.  Otherwise for example in agriculture, laws that allow the transfer of farms or production rights to foreign national owners, are compromising the opportunity for small, independent farmers to compete with international capital for ownership of their farms; systematically destroying the independent farming culture of the country, which is essential if regenerative, organic farming systems are to evolve, which will allow us to protect the quality of our food and the sustainability of our farm production in the future. Allowing foreign ownership of property allows asset wealth to be systematically transferred to offshore owners, and diminishes opportunity for the nationals of the country.  Independent national owners often cannot compete with foreign capital so their rights to property ownership must be legally protected.

The profit from our common resources generate sufficient revenue to finance
Free Healthcare,
 Free Education, Free Services,
potentially free telecommunications and student loans wiped.
Here's how.
Our common resources, especially the right to issue debt and thus secure interest and principal repayments, will logically generate the funding necessary to pay for the public service needs of the entire population. This is a logical, self regulating, operating equation for a fair, just and genuinely sustainable economic system.  
Logicism cancels the power of the wealthy to monopolise ownership of the banking system and utility resources which must instead provide benefit for all citizens. When the profit from the majority of the population's daily essential costs are siphoned off to private individuals, they are no less than our owners as we pay them for the right to live with dignity; however, these profits on goods and services that are logically common value,
will be redirected to provide common benefit for the population.
This will eliminate the 'struggle to survive' for those who currently, can barely afford the cost of medical care, heat, phone, internet or travel.  Too often it is the elderly who cannot afford to turn on their heaters or use their phones, thus live cold and isolated, while a few of wealth who own those service provisions, live in luxury; which suggests the current system is both unethical and immoral.
Pricing for our common resources - including mortgage interest rates, personal loans, phones, internet, electricity, fuel, and public transport - will be set to a minimum in order to provide free healthcare, education and community services, for the equal benefit and ease of all people. No longer servicing the profit objectives of private owners, unnecessary tax budgets or interest rates for private bank license owners.  Therefore, some of these services may be possible to reduce to little or no cost, to provide increased ease of living for citizens, thus also likely reducing health costs rising from diseases often originating from stress.
The option for telecommunications provision at a minimum possible price or free, with the purpose to increase connectedness and quality of life and decrease living costs.  An argument could be made that free telecommunications to enable a highly communicative society, is of a greater priority that profit.  In the last year the telecommunications profits were potentially as insignificant as 1/2 a billion dollars in New Zealand.  Therefore, it may make more sense to consolidate Telecommunications companies, eliminate all the competitive marketing costs and decrease sales costs which will impact jobs to directly reduce the cost of delivering the service, while the increased benefit of cheap or free communication for the entire population
will be an empowering outcome.
Student loan debt will be wiped in New Zealand, where it currently totals 15 billion in as young people should not be subjected to bankruptcy in order to escape this suffocating debt or live with the stress to service the debt that compromises their peace of mind, lessens their future pace of development or reduces their access to opportunity.  This debt burden changes the manifestation of their lives and thus shapes the future of society. This has been estimated to cost 4.6 billion per year, but the power of a well educated, stress free population enables a future contribution that could well exceed that value, thus it is important not to oppress those who will lead our future prosperity, with unbearable debt at the outset of their contribution.

Access to a living wage for each person will be possible through a current account administered by the state, that will make available a set living wage per week to cover the basic costs of living when without a job, or of non working age, to ensure all people live with essential dignity and comfort.  This will provide enough to afford the basic costs of existence, without a struggle to survive; including basic food, housing, energy and telecommunications.

Equal access to capital for each citizen

This will create guaranteed equal opportunity for citizens to access money for home-loans or personal and professional development loans.  Every person will attain the right to borrow a multiple of their money saved and held on deposit from the central administration.  For example when a multiplier of 5 is applied to a saved sum of 100, the person can borrow 500.  The change is that the banker intermediary will be eliminated from profiting off the use of the Fractional Reserve system that allows this capacity to lend.  [ Read Logic 3 ]

An improved welfare and pension system is possible to be serviced through the interest payments of others who loan money to increase their quality of life.  Instead of the government licensing the bank owner to profit off the interest, the public budget will directly increase to provide access to a living wage account so that when in need, people may access funds necessary to live with dignity; This system provides the borrower with the advantage of accessing larger sums of money to develop further wealth and live with increased quality of life, while others in the system attain the provision of basic dignity so that single mothers or elderly or those of creative or supportive contributions to society, may live without stress.​

The Logicism system will bring balance to the existence of all people.  This system will also eliminate homelessness, desperation and the struggle to survive for all people.  From a place of comfort and dignity, people are more likely to pursue self development, education and a new beginning to their life.  Their new peaceful state of being may also encourage voluntary contribution and inspire constructive community connection among a more positive population of citizens.  It will likely naturally evolve the people will then choose to work without accessing the welfare automatically available through their current account so that they may generate savings to enable their right to borrow money in the future.  Such borrowing becomes automatically possible once their credit account is in debit and thus equal access to capital for all people will exist.

Here's how.
 Logically, the key elements for a functioning society should be under ownership that benefits all people by servicing the public budget to foster a prosperous population rather than profit a few.  The currently unused, ancient law of Magna Carta had the right philosophy to protect the common people's property for the use of all, as it was established to ‘Protect the Commons’, in order to protect the dignity, freedom and self sufficiency of every person.
This means we need to reverse the privatisation of our communications and energy companies and protect the national ownership of our travel services and service provisions like state health care, state security with the police; which private prisons have evidenced can eventually evolve to the sale block for privatisation, whereby they are primary services for the common benefit.
Change the 'Share Registry' records to end private ownership. The profit from the nation's core utilities including energy and fuel from New Zealand's self sufficiency in natural resources, which currently generate roughly NZD 4 billion in profit pre-tax; and basic telecommunications and public transport will once again be nationalised alongside the banking system.  These elements are capable to generate profits that will provide revenue to deliver a common benefit for all people, through topping up the public budget if required, with pricing set to achieve budget needs.
Otherwise, given the future capability for government issued debt combined with corporate taxes to service the entire public budget, the option exists for these utilities to be provided at the cost of basic provision or eventually free of charge.  This means a future of free telecommunications and potentially free energy enabled by new clean energy technology, may be possible as this new sustainable economy evolves.
The mechanism to re-establish the law of Magna Carta, is to simply update the share registries of utility and service companies to record the government administrator as the new owner.  In the short term this will redirect
private ownership profits to instead finance our public services as the system to consolidate or change the company's operations will transition over the four year political term.
We will strategically consider the various revenues that contribute to New Zealand's current GDP of $250 billion and logically phase in ownership of company revenues
necessary to provide free public services.
A logical society will prioritise establishing control over that which is necessary to generate enough profit for an abundant public budget so that the entire population have their basic needs met before individual wealth is enabled elsewhere in the free market that will otherwise continue  with access to a labor force emerging from a much healthier population.
This change will end the reign of the politics of compromise that reduce the opportunity of the wealthy just enough for the public to gain incremental improvements to inadequate health care, cash strapped schools, the increasingly high cost of living and the unsustainable inequality of wealth distribution, increasingly to those who are not nationals of this country.
By re-nationalising the currently privatised national assets, the wealthy will no longer retain the power to effectively tax the entire population for the use of our essential utilities, validated by promoting narratives that public companies perform inefficiently, to persuade the public to willingly give up their rightful value.  These companies will continue to perform with private sector efficiency as their operational teams will remain the same.  Remuneration incentives will still attract high performing executives to optimise the potential outcome of the business.  However the altered outcome will be that this revenue surplus will contribute toward public value not private wealth.
The transition will protect profit generation for pension funds, until the Logicism transition of the utilities and banking is successfully providing for them in real time.
Holistically engage all aspects of a person's life development to engineer a state-of-the-art evolution for
Education, mental health, healing and the whole person
14 Political Policies
To protect our food, water, air and oceans, we will use existing international law to
Halt the
Environmental Destruction, Contamination and Pollution 
Here's how.

Our greatest value in life is our health.

For too long industrialist business models have caused contamination, while in pursuit of their personal profit, at the expense of our health.

Under existing international and national law, Industrialists can be held criminally and financially liable for contaminating our ecosystems within a world-first legal argument constructed by The Logic Party founder, Miriam Clements.

Clements identified that the world's highest court has existing legislation which recognises that large scale, widespread or severe environmental destruction inflicted to bring about contamination, pollution and the ecological imbalance of climate change:

is criminal.

This is a world-changing legal argument, that holds the capabiliity to transition 120 nations to entirely sustainable economies.


Clements has pioneered the interpretation of this law at the front line of international environmental defense for the past 6 years, since developing this unique interpretation.

 This year, 6 previous legal arguments to defend the Rainforest, Coral Reefs in the Arctic, culminated with Clements placing a game-changing 'Global Climate Change' legal argument against the 50 carbon major polluters, which was accepted for review by the International Criminal Court on May 3rd 2017.  The case seeks the financial liability and criminal accountability of the world's largest polluting industrialists, who've bought about the environmental destruction of the world, for great personal profit.


Prior to Clements discovering, proposing, arguing and lobbying this law possible, no law was previously known to exist capable to hold industrialists responsible for their profitable destruction.  Clements has lobbied this legal opportunity around the world through her cases. She has spoken at the United Nations to some of the world's leading environmental lawyers to explain the holy grail of climate litigation; coupled with the fact that the court have accepted seven of her unique legal arguments for review prior to last year confirming to all countries, that they will now use the Rome Statute to prosecute the crime of Environmental Destruction in 2016.

Prosecuting industrialists for their crime, is a much superior solution than the dangerous ETS tax that will otherwise restructure the entire New Zealand economy around this international tax mechanism and charge the taxpayers for the cost of the industrialists continuing without limitation.


The Logic Policy is the only alternative solution, that will protect New Zealand taxpayers from this disingenuous new ETS tax.

Effectively, instead, the Logic policy renders new extractions of oil, coal and gas to be illegal unless essential to short-term national energy supply; in which case, while extracting final reserves if required, the business of fossil fuels will still be rendered not-for-profit during the transition period.

A successful prosecution of Clements' I.C.C. legal argument will achieve the following:

1. Criminalise industrially inflicted environmental destruction and render the individual corporate, investment and government decision makers personally, criminally liable for their individual decisions to inflict conditions of life that they are aware will contaminate the environments that sustain our health, when in pursuit of their private profit.

2. Allow all profits related directly or indirectly to industrial destruction, to be seized by the court in order to afford the sustainable transition that is necessary to protect the national or local population against all future contamination.


 Thus individuals who are 'profiting from' or planning to profit from, contaminating our food system by selling and supplying toxic fertilizers or who've benefited from industrial contamination in order to sell and supply pollutant fuels; which have then cumulatively

destroyed the health of communities and our environments, that are otherwise necessary to sustain future generations; said individuals will have their business and potentially private wealth seized by the court and held in trust to repair the destruction from which they have profited.  This will provide a budget to afford the nation's sustainable transition alongside Logic monetary reform.

3, Render industrial destruction not-for-profit.  All fortunes generated in relation to industrial destruction of fossil fuels or otherwise since 2002 when this law came to force; have the potential to be seized by the court for reallocation to afford the sustainable transition of the nation.  New Zealand would lead the world in the sustainable transition model that under international law, where upon a series of successful prosecutions, a further 120 nations would be compelled to genuinely end pollution; without any need to charge a new tax on the gas of life - C02 - that is otherwise promoted to imbalance the atmosphere and ocean acidity  in high doses, with many other scientists in disagreement.

4. Prevent the retention of any profits generated from existing industrial developments that are due to cause ongoing contamination.  Thus industrialist businesses and investors can still operate under current contracts but they will not be able to retain their profits, until they voluntarily and completely transition their business models.  


Until the industrialists voluntarily complete their transition, then their profits will be directed by the court toward sustainable transition investment.  


The risk of financial and criminal liability will motivate businesses to efficiently transition their revenue generation models away from dirty industry systems, so as to resume their right to freely retain profit or distribute dividends; in addition to ensure that they do not face prison time for their continued commitment to harm others by contamination.


Effectively dirty industry will be rendered 'Not for Profit' by Clements' legal argument, which provides the greatest motivator for change.

Read the general introductory summary published for the public to understand the basic elements of Clements' world-changing legal argument on the following weblink:

Clements' unique and original interpretation of this law, is the world's only direct and 

comprehensive mechanism that already exists to legally end the environmental destruction,

 compel the sustainable transition of many nations in the future and change the world.


Clements is intent to establish the political backing for an International Criminal Court for Sustainability in New Zealand, based in her electorate on the North Shore, with support of world leading Criminal Barrister, 

British QC Michael Mansfield.

This uniquely existing legal argument is capable of positively, judicially forcing the transition of 120 nations toward an entirely new 'sustainable' economic system.

It now requires one country to lead the way by establishing and financing prosecutions.  

More recently Clements has proposed that this epicentre for Global Sustainable Justice, that would be capable to strategically force the transition of nations, could be established on the North shore in New Zealand, as home to an 'I.C.C. for Sustainability'

[ This can be financed by a secondary currency on the North Shore, which will allow the funding necessary to advance this court without any borrowing or taxation.  This mechanism is detailed within the monetary policy below at Logic 03 ]


Within each argument accepted for review by the court, Clements has proposed an International Criminal Court for Sustainability should be established for cases that are solely focused on preventing the crime of industrial environmental destruction or to prevent predictable genocides that evolve through illegal war based on false media narratives.


Clements has lobbied this strategy for an I.C.C.for Sustainability at the United Nations, to the International Criminal Court and to leaders around the world, for the past six years.


Clements advances this proposition in  partnership with world-leading British QC Michael Mansfield; who was most recently in New Zealand as the keynote speaker for the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association.


Read the I.C.C. for Sustainability policy release for the North Shore, where Logic Party Leader, Miriam Clements is standing for MP:


A one world amendment will allow existing law to protect major ecosystems as a  

'National Groups' without changing the statute, would provide a new world-changing law.

Clements has a long term proposal lobbied to amend the interpretation text  titled the 'Elements of the Crime' text of the Rome Statute by one word, in order to render a world first law that is capable to directly protect large ecosystems that are required for global ecological balance, without requirement of human causality.

This amendment would directly protect major ecosystems in isolation to human effects, when they are necessary to maintain ecological balance - including the Rainforest and Coral Reefs - which could then meet the definition of 'national groups' and which would then enable them to be directly protected from Environmental Destruction under the statute, in accordance with the S.Q.P-I.C.C. arguments already registered for review by the court.

Sparking a shift in investor behaviour

The prosecution of individuals who advance, construct, finance or license dirty industry will diminish the current investor preference for the cheaper, more profitable, dirty energy or industrial resources that inflict environmental harm.  This legal precedent would instead redirect new and existing investment toward non-destructive development opportunities.


The ensured failure of the dangerous ETS tax

As an important comparison, the promises of the Paris agreement are not legally enforceable and yet we are due to transfer billions in New Zealand tax dollars to leaders of often corrupt nations, in trust of these unenforceable promises of other countries to reduce pollution when they are often much wealthier countries than New Zealand.  


That is, unless Clements' argument is enforced to prescribe the compliance of the Paris Agreement to force 120 nations' immediate transition; however, regardless Clements legal argument negates the need fora new tax taken from the citizens public budget.


Here sits this existing law capable of holding those who are responsible for our contamination, both financially and criminally accountable for that contamination, instead of charging an ineffective, misleading tax, to the taxpayers, who largely unwittingly consume the pollutant output because the market provides few other affordable choices due to the fact that industrialists profit so greatly from ensuring dirty resource supply is the dominant market supply and the Paris Agreement and ETS does nothing to change this.

This Logic policy is a unique alternative that provides the public a far superior solution to the ETS, which is an inefficient, high-tax, as a costly,complicated construct to bribe other governments to pollute less and trust their the  unenforceable promises to pollute less, while many Paris Agreement signatories actively license new fossil fuel developments.  Thus the Logic position is that it is a disingenuous agreement, which is little more than bribery money with no security of delivery. Labour, National, Top and the Greens have this wrong.

The Paris Agreement does not prevent the ongoing industrial destruction in a legally enforceable way and it misleads people away from the fact that the direct pollution of our water, air, soil and oceans, inflicted from many industrial practises, are not reduced by this agreement.  Unless governments voluntarily reduce their pollution, which doesn't require this financial contract to inspire genuine action to transition.  Instead this agreement 

insidiously shifts the cost of profitable pollution for the benefit of industrialists, onto to taxpayers.

Most nations are already failing to meet the targets set under the Paris agreement and many nations are also failing to submit accurate C02 reports, where they are reporting much lower emissions that other countries are recording them to have been producing, thus the agreement and it's measure of taxation is not reliable.

The only international legal defenses for our major ecosystems that sustain life, including the Rainforest, Coral Reefs and The Arctic

Clements' has directed and authored the only remaining legal argument capable to defend the Great Barrier Reef from an onslaught of industrial destruction which threatens its survival, unless the 'Victory Australia' legal case can successfully defend it from a mass coal and fracking expansion, through an I.C.C. prosecution evolving from this case.

Read more about the Great Barrier Reef case at:


Clements' has multiple cases to defend the Rainforest registered with the court under ongoing submissions and reviews.


Rainforest case profiles can be found at:



Clements had a previous case to defend the Arctic against Shell's oil extraction, where she argued that they must voluntarily withdraw in the face of severe personal penalties for the company directors if they continued with their 'intent and attempt' to drill, where they had knowledge that an oil spill in this pristine ecosystem was inevitable; just as it had been in the Niger Delta, which they destroyed.


The directors of Shell then indeed, did voluntarily withdraw from this multi-billion-dollar project some months later, without warning when they still held the US license to drill, to continue if they liked but perhaps in the face of criminal accountability, this case argument provided the leverage necessary to force a voluntary withdrawal.



Please also view Clements agency website,

Sustainable Quality Purpose, for further profiles of this unique work to defend life:


New arguments in development:

Agriculture Transition:

New submissions to the court that apply this legal argument against the manufacturers and distributors of pesticides and toxic, chemical agriculture fertilizers, are also being prepared to defend the bee populations and protect our food safety and security.


Our society requires a complete agriculture transition toward producing clean, safe, natural foods.


It is important to note that this argument does not target consumers nor users of the contaminating product brought to market but rather those responsible for the supply chain that secures most of the profit.

Ocean Protection:

Additionally, we are developing a new case against commercial trawler fishing that is necessary to protect ocean life from the current unsustainable pillaging of our oceans.​

Collaborative online contribution platform:

For all cases directed by The Logic Party Founders agency, 'Sustainable Quality Purpose', we are focused on engaging legal groups around the world to contribute toward these unified case developments; in addition to developing an online platform that maximises individual participation from around the world.

The unrealised value of earth's natural fuels kept in the ground , where they fertilize food, rehabilitate and clean fresh-water and regulate temperature.

Currently industrialists intend to harvest all the minerals and natural resources from the earth until they are completely eliminated for future generations.  There is currently an international race to extract all resources possible and then stockpile them. Those responsible have awareness that many of the resources will be completely exploited in the next few decades.


However, more importantly, we must consider the inevitable environmental imbalance that will impact the earth as a living organism, when all of its naturally existing nutrients, that are necessary to maintain it's health and functionality to produce safe food and water, will be compromised.


For example Coal and Gas are intense natural fertilizers, capable to compel food production without further input.  Coal and gas mines are often situated in areas of highly productive farmland.


Coal also rehabilitates water to a naturally healthy and 'safe to consume' state and an artificial comparison is carbon filters; but the animals and nature need coal in the ground to retain this powerful natural functionality.


We have undervalued the essential contribution of fossil fuels within their natural function in the ground, which is to support plant growth, regenerate water and maintain the pH and chemical balance of water, soils and oceans.  Extending relevance to oceans, due to fossil fuel extractions with offshore drilling; not to mention the increased sophistication of nuclear technology aligned with the increased number of earthquakes all over the world; whereby although the ban on nuclear testing at sea is proposed, it is not yet adopted or enforced by most nations into law; thus assumed that nuclear tests now continue without public declaration but with more frequency than ever.

 Extraction of these resources will over time contribute toward what can only be most simply described as killing the living organism that is earth, which supplies all life.


The graphs that detail that the timing of the extraction of fossil fuels, also correlate directly with the increase in global temperatures thus, it is likely that the extraction itself is the source for the escalating imbalance of global temperatures and natural disasters.  We are directly destroying the earth's equilibrium, well before any industrial Co2 occurs through fossil fuel combustion, whereby other gases like carbon monoxide that are so obviously dangerous are actually excluded from the Paris Agreement as against, that would directly link responsibility for the contamination to the industrialists.; and historically, C02 compensates for any change in temperature not before 


Furthermore, Industrially caused C02 is only 1 molecule in every 33 C02 molecules that exist out of 86,800 molecules of air comprised of other gases.  Industrial C02 naturally recycles itself out of the system within 4-5 years.  And C02 is the natural regulator of all life on earth, yet we are taxing it as agreement that it is our greatest pollutant, which is not explicitly evidenced.


We are ignoring the source of the most direct form of destruction - which is the contamination that occurs at the point of industrial extraction of fossil fuels and the Paris agreement completely ignores the Carbon Monoxide pollution from your car exhaust fumes. This great deception is designed deliberately so that industrialists are not accountable for the cost of contamination, as they continue to profit from unlimited new dirty industry developments, while taxpayers are now contracted to pay billions for unenforceable and 'unlikely to be kept' promises to lessen pollution through C02 figures, which ignore most sources of direct pollution.

Clements legal argument offers the world a far more direct solution to resolve the issue of contamination and pollution.

Removing all legislative blocks to market for new clean-energy technology, require immediate and voluntary transition of all agriculture and industry to sustainable systems and organic food production, in order to enable efficient, affordable and 
Here's how.

A nine year transition of clean energy, sustainable industry and organic agriculture will be planned and in effect forcibly inspired under existing law, with the intention to ensure safe food, fresh air, clean water and living oceans are permanently protected from industrial contamination and destruction.


We do not need to wait until 2050, when New Zealand is capable to demonstrating this within a decade.


Decentralised, local, self-sufficient market models for efficient, affordable, 

Clean Energy Transition

A new market model is necessary to allow small-scale technologies a route to commercialisation.   Many technologies with zero environmental impact, are small-scale, therefore, a unique solution to generate economies-of-scale with small-scale technologies will allow a successful,

economic transition.  

New Zealand is already providing 40% of energy needs with clean energy, and up to 87% clean electricity; thus eliminating coal, oil and gas efficiently and completely, is possible with new technology.  

However, given our current limitation at 87% market share of clean energy and the dramatic increase in electric car sales due in coming years; this will likely drive up energy provision by sources such as natural gas,

which requires toxic and contaminating fracking, therefore, it is imperative that we establish a route to market for non harmful technologies.

Yet under existing law, as per Logic policy 01, it will no longer be legal for New Zealand to extract or sell oil, coal or gas;; which means we need to establish an as-yet unrealised alternative supply of energy.

The Logicism author, pioneers an exhibition that enables these small scale technologies to reach commercialized economies of scale; within a unique route to market, that allows entire existing cities to transition to entirely self-sufficient, local, clean energy.

Launching the Energy Eminence Exhibition on the North Shore in Auckland, to attract the world's most innovative clean energy technologies; to demonstrate their

potential at market.


Logic Party Leader Miriam Clements, has been establishing the exhibition in Paris, with the endorsement of French government approved energy expert Olivier Rech and Prince Albert of Monaco.  


Please read the detail online at

It will be important to do a full review of current legislation to identify and eliminate any that block the route to market for new technologies capable to replace traditional fuels dominating market share.

Clean energy needs to be reclassified

Clean Energy accreditation should only endorse the new technologies that inflict zero environmental harm.  

Some energy solutions and technologies are currently registered as clean, while they conversely inflict devastating contamination and ecological imbalance at the point of construction or extraction.  


Hydro-electric dams have displaced over 80 million people across the world and slowly destroy the ecological balance of entire ecosystems.  


Silicon mining for solar photovoltaic panels is highly contaminating at the point of extraction and destroys the health of miners and proximate communities.  Lithium is such an important non renewable resource tin limited supply that its use on new energy storage technologies may not be the optimised use of best interests for the world's future needs of this precious commodity.  


Conversely Nuclear energy from Thorium, which is an abundant byproduct of most mining, is able to generate optimum levels of energy at no risk but the risks of uranium have limited the potential of Thorium.  A fusion reactor is currently being built in France, and should the output successfully exceed the input of energy, then fusion is the next frontier of energy and should be built in New Zealand.

Car Conversions

There are increasingly original energy possibilities to power cars that are entirely environmentally harmless from the point of extraction to consumption. 


New options to fuel cars are possible with kinetic energy combined with solar power or hydrogen fuel cells which generate their energy from water source.  


The energy generated from these combinations can be stored within two batteries that alternate recharging, while the other is in use.  This is potentially a valuable step in the direction of a perpetual motion vehicle, which has the perceived disadvantage of eliminating fuel revenues and taxes; however under the Logic monetary reform policy, this loss is inconsequential.

In the case the vehicle related revenues are sought, then road-user charges can be of increased importance to charge users per kilometre of road use, in order to generate a self sufficient budget for road maintenance and perhaps policing costs.

It will be important to ensure access to fuel pumps for bio-fuels or adequate access to charge stations for electric cars - as is possible through an Energy Eminence / Water Complete distribution model - as gas stations are often controlled by traditional energy owners and thus market access to distribution is controlled to block their entry so that customers cannot secure proximate supply.

It is also important to note that Electric cars are encouraged due to reducing carbon monoxide pollution [which is importantly not taxed by the Paris Agreement], and yet electric cars will generate their energy from fossil fuels, which continues to contaminate our soils, water, air and oceans, thus they are not a 'clean energy solution, only an improvement as fossil fuel extraction contamination is not sustainable.


Furthermore, new hydrogen fuel cell cars that are already operating in London do not omit exhaust pollution but the hydrogen is powered by gas generated through the process of fracking.  Fracking is devastatingly contaminating upon extraction; therefore the supply contamination must be considered alongside consumption contamination, when planning our new energy solutions.  As all new solutions have a market and profit agenda and many are disguising the ongoing destruction that they still inflict.

An Organic Agriculture Transition in 9 years


Farmers will be supported to begin an immediate adaptation of their farming system toward organic, regenerative, sustainable farming methods; WITH NO NEW TAXES CHARGED.  


It is imperative that we empower and support farmers transition in a positive way; Albeit,

this is an essential transition due to the

'Rome Statute' legislation that renders any toxic, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to

be illegal.

The culture and existence of small, independent farmers is necessary to generate our best quality food produce.  Empowered independent agriculture communities are best equipped to ensure a high-integrity sustainable farming practice.  



Clean Rivers

Ironically it is National and Labour who both equally allowed the contamination of our rivers so their desire to make our rivers swimmable again is disingenuous.

If farmers are financially empowered, not financially punished to clean up the rivers; alongside a legislatively forced end to the non agricultural industrial pollution, then the result is much more likely to be efficient and effective.  The pollution is a byproduct of financial constraints and pressures to intensify production to cover high interest costs.

New Zealand Farm Ownership Protected

It is important that independent farm ownership is legislatively protected from international sell-offs.  If other parties suffocate the farmers already unreliable, unattainable incomes with a range of new taxes including ETS, water tax and capital gains tax, then New Zealand farm owners and young farmers holding debt, will have increasing difficulty to hold onto their farm ownership; especially given volatile equity values.


To ensure that we protect our small farming culture that is most likely to provide us a future of high quality, non-toxic natural food supply; we must ensure that their business models are constructively transitioned into a stable financial position as the future needs their commitment to the farming industry.  We need their knowledge, skill and hard work to ensure that the innovation required to recover from current unsustainable,  high intensity, nitrogen input systems, which may otherwise 

eventually leave the land non-arable.

Agriculture Price Supports 

Price supports in certain industries with fixed input costs should be guaranteed by the government. For example the dairy industry payout should not drop below $6 per kg of milk solids.  


This will ensure that our agricultural community is not operating under permanent levels of stress, austerity and despondency.  

It is imperative that we reconcile high levels of suicides in the agricultural industry in connection with the financial hardship impressed upon farm owners; which sets

the tone for the extended industry.  This is especially why it is important that new taxation is not imposed on farmers until we ensure the human dynamics of this industry are rebalanced. before new levels of financial hardship is imposed.

Debt Restructuring and Equity Partnerships

Give farmers the option to take an equity partnership with the government, with purpose to improve or stabilize their equity positions, or to immediately relieve them of foreign bank debt pressure, while the banking system transitions under new Logic monetary policy.

Equity partnerships can also be used to enable new young farmers to attain farm-ownership, based on a very high standard of criteria and ensuring first farm buyer deposits are at reasonable levels to be achieved through intense but not impossible levels of savings.

Market Side Premium Developed to Afford

Organic Farming Lower Production Levels


Logicism author, Clements, invested three years in developing a business start up designed capable to inspire a mass transition of New Zealand agriculture to organic production, 7 - 10 years ago.


At the time the ANZ bank extended a committed term sheet for 120 million and Rank Group extended a contract for 50 million in vendor finance, to finance the business designed and directed by The Logic Party Founder, Miriam Clements. These contracts were signed conditional on international finance which was also contracted. Effectively the nation's largest banker for Fonterra and NZ's largest company endorsed, supported and financed Clements to re-brand the dairy industry.   However the international finance was not delivered as contracted and as such the development was shelved.


However, Clements still holds both this vision, plan and business acumen to shift New Zealand agriculture away from the commodity market, toward a range of boutique premium produce that increases farmers profits and stabilises New Zealand small-farm ownership.

Clements holds a long term passion and focus to secure a market premium for premium world class food products, that realise the food-brand potential of New Zealand.  This required extensive research and an in depth understanding of New Zealand's very real potential to transition entirely to sustainable farming systems without need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides which contaminate the food supply and damage the soil quality; and therefore without need for any new taxation on the agriculture industry.


Diversification of Agriculture Product Range

As a nation we would be best served toward self sufficiency if we diversify the range of food products farmed in New Zealand. Planning should be undertaken to cover a wide range so as to enable a self-sufficient national supply of all possible foods, in priority to large scale industrial farming output for limited product ranges that are meant for export markets.  We are ultimately best served if we produce and consume our own real goods and services.


A heavy reliance on food imports due to the narrow focus of current production, allows vulnerability in the nation's food security, considering an increasingly volatile international market and strained relations between nations.  Heavy reliance on export revenues ensure our vulnerability to the same volatility and thus threaten the financial stability of the country.  


Planning for self sufficiency in home grown produce, by encouraging farming conversions away from obvious industrial food supply, toward a full range of produce for local markets as a priority, is worthwhile to decrease reliance on imports and exports, while exporting excess stock remains viable.

A financial system, to give independent farmers the capability to transition to sustainable organic systems is necessary.

Regenerative, organic farming transition

is also essential to establish a safe, uncontaminated  food system and sustainable farming production that supports independent small farmers more likely to care for the quality of their produce.  

Clements recently in early 2017 worked on a regenerative farming development in Australia

Seed company monopolies and name brand seeds will be legislatively prohibited.

Farmers will be encouraged to store seeds and public seed banks will be developed

with the view to protect food security.

Increasingly around the world, only a few companies own all the seeds and thus hold the power to withdraw the food supply and starve entire populations.  This is perhaps one of the world's' greatest current threats to survival and is barely acknowledged.  New Zealand must legislate against this and regenerate its farmer and public banked seed supply. 

In the first half of the 20th century, seeds primarily belonged to the farmers and public-sector plant breeders. In the decades since then, Gene Giants used intellectual property laws to commodify the world seed supply maximize profits by eliminating farmers' rights but more dangerously controlling food security for most of the world, thus controlling the power of life and death. 


Currently the proprietary brand-name seed market is dominated by a handful of multinational corporations who have engineered an antitrust, unethical corporate enclosure around the food chain, accounting for 82% of the commercial seed market worldwide. 

GMO seeds avoided unless evidence to be of unique value.

A one month ban on fishing to help our oceans recover fish stocks.  New Zealand should lead the world in proposing a ban on fishing every alternate month and potentially one entire year without industrial fishing, in order to allow the sea to recover from its unsustainable population depletion.


Legislation to outlaw use of dirty ocean fuels contaminating the ocean , especially diesel. We can legislate to foster ship engine conversion to hydrogen fuel sources generated from seawater, which is possible but blocked from market or at minimum we should be using bio-degradable bio-fuels in all ships that enter New Zealand waters.


Offshore oil drilling must be phased out

within 5 years, in order to eliminate potential catastrophic environmental disasters such as oil spills.  We must consider that fossil fuel extraction may also be unbalancing the ocean floor ecosystem which generates nutrients for plankton which then supplies the majority of the world's' oxygen supply and likely maintains the pH levels of the ocean which forms the basis of fish sensory systems, thus offshore drilling may be directly killing the living organism of earth by withdrawing all its fuel nutrients that cannot be replenished.


Nuclear bomb testing at sea must be illegal across all nations as it has inconceivable repercussions on ocean life that highlights the irony of climate change hysteria about Co2 alongside silence about atomic bomb testing.

There is a nuclear testing ban negotiated but it has never come into effect.  Considering the rapid sophistication of new nuclear weapons and the increase in earthquakes internationally, it is highly likely that the agreed but yet to be enforced ban, has just sent disclosure of nuclear testing underground.

Plastics other than fast biodegrade options phased out within a year to end their pollution and food chain contamination of fish we eat; and which threatens the lives of other ocean life. 



Water Rights

Only New Zealand business should have the rights to extract, bottle and sell water.  No international corporations should have this right to productive NZ opportunity and current licenses should be cancelled.

Bottling supply should be limited.  Clean natural drinking water is one of the world's most scarce resources.  We should think long term by leaving excessive stocks in the ground for future generations.

Encourage the Hemp Industry

Hemp or other plant alternatives provide product solutions that don't require pesticide contamination and deliver market products of high value.


Comprehensively protect the Rainforest 

from industrial destruction


This is possible under existing international law and an initiative called Nature Nation's, which is designed and directed by founder of the Logic Party, Miriam Clements.  


Major ecosystems that sustain ecological balance, can become protected as new countries registered with the United Nations, based on the principles of the Antarctica agreement and the existing international law which asserts the right for these ecosystems and their populations to be independent nation states.


Having identified this possibility under

existing international law as the only

existing international legal mechanism to completely protect the rainforest, Clements wrote a 'Declaration of Independence' for the Indigenous leaders in the Amazon Rainforest, which all the leaders of Ecuadorian Rainforest and others across other countries have signed.


Clements then registered this Declaration Of Independence with the United Nations in December 2016, requesting the right to sovereignty under international law, for the Rainforest to be recognised as an independent country.  This was acknowledged by Ban Ki Moon's office finally in December 2016.


This document triggers the United Nations General Assembly Rules of Procedure, where all countries can now vote to support the Rainforest to be entirely protected from dirty industry developments.  This offers the only existing international mechanism capable to entirely protect this ecosystem of global importance from thousands of new industrial developments, which are otherwise progressing to contaminate it and poison the indigenous people inhabiting the rainforest. This affects New Zealanders and the global population as an ecosystem that supports life all around the world, through its temperature regulation and oxygen supply.

New Zealand can become the United Nations member who leads other nations toward transacting this world changing agreement that will enable the separation of the Rainforests from its administering states,

who are otherwise destroying it for short term industrial profits.


The Nature Nations agreement empowers the international community to protect it.  

View video's of Clements with Indigenous leaders in the Rainforest in 2016, as they sign the Declaration of Independence for the Rainforest to be the world's newest country, on the following link:

Complete Sustainable Transition
within 9 years
Restructure the monetary system to regain control of the interest benefit generated by the largest investments that each individual in society makes over their lifetime, which is then redirected for the benefit of society through the public budget and reduces money supply to manage inflation.
Reinstate the
Reserve Bank as the
- sole creator of money 
- sole beneficiary of
  primary private debt  
- sole issuer of public  
  credit at zero interest 
   [ until a central digital credit account 
     system is developed for citizens
     direct individual access ]
Here's how.

Our Private banks have been creating and issuing our money for immensely high profits, that are effectively unethically derived. Banks will create the debt, which simultaneously creates the deposit in the borrower's account and their lending ledger is balanced.

Private banks are not using savings as a security reserve, to justify the loans they generate.  They are simply creating loans they believe reasonable and thus entirely creating the money supply without restriction by the regulations the should control the lending standards.  On these loans, normal New Zealanders then repay both principal and interest to private bank owners, who profit from a lifetime of labour from normal New Zealanders. This is unethical that citizens labour in order to deliver massive annual private banking profits for transfer offshore.

The interest and principal payable on mortgages - currently serviced by individuals for up to 30 years to life, in order to secure their homes - or serviced by companies hard-work for 10 years to grow their business - will be redirected to finance community services like health, education, pensions, a guaranteed 'living costs' payment for each citizen and a new structure to allow citizens clear and equal access to finance for development.

Labour famously established this privatisation of our banking system and monetary power, while John Key famously appointed Maggie Barry to the state committee that investigated the non state financial sector, when she first came into parliament as a gardening expert. With no knowledge of the financing industry she questioned the appointed and he reassured her 'she'd do fine'.  Thus neither of the major parties have helped protect New Zealand's monetary power.

The NZ government should take over any debt, where the money supply has simply been created by extending the debt and deposit simultaneously - i.e. we should investigate the structure and nature of each loan and recover control of all loans that were not made relative to savings on reserve.

Although operationally the loans create the savings, which boosts the economy through new spending power, ultimately the beneficiaries are private offshore banking owners, who should not really own a license that allows them to effectively tax New Zealanders for immensely high private benefit.


The Logic policy will be to investigate all bank loans extended, to ensure that they have operated by the strictest interpretation of their bank licenses and that our regulators enforce the rules for what's already on the books and in place.


New Zealand no longer operates the Fractional Reserve lending system as the currency is floating and the Fractional Reserve only applied to fixed exchange rate policies.

Currently, all regulated members of the reserve bank can create $NZ bank deposits but this will change under Logic, to ensure that bank deposits which expend the money supply, can only be created by the New Zealand Reserve Bank.


New Zealand owned private banks would be fiercely monitored to ensure that they only lend their savings secured on deposit for a higher interest rate than what they pay, which allows for their operating costs to be covered and some potential for profit.  This lending is already regulated but their lending currency creates the savings account, which effectively expands our money supply for private use on every occasion; and yet the governments will not willingly expand the money supply for public use.  If you can see this discrimination clearly, then you’ll note the current governments will allow private banks to generate new money for the wealthy but will not generate new money to support those in need or less fortunate in society, when they just as easily can do this, without needing to tax or borrow.



We will also have less risk of inflation when we retain all lending control to be only the right of the government, where otherwise currently, our lack of regulation around banking, means that the four major Australian based, internationally owned banks, are transferring 2 in every 5 dollars of profit earned in New Zealand, offshore as foreign dividend profit payments to our offshore owners every year.

Public Debt

The creation of credit money for public spending that is both interest free and debt free can be generated to provide all social, infrastructure, development and investment needed by society.  This public, government spending is entirely at our discretion and not reliant on taxation or borrowing.  


Importantly, we do not need to issue securities to investors or banks offshore, in order to spend government money.  Yet this is what our major parties have been doing for years, redundantly and at some future potential risk, explained later.


We can instead simply issue government credit into accounts that are necessary to transact that government spending, like hospitals, bridge builders, woman’s refugee, aged care or the policy, without the need to issue securities nor attached to any other relationship to anyone else.  This money for the public benefit can be created, stand alone, be spent, incur no interest and be registered without debt; to whatever level we deem necessary to meet all of our needs.


We will spend our public budget, simply by crediting accounts at the reserve bank,  which are called reserve accounts.  Those accounts will be called 'govt. liabilities', the same as securities accounts currently are.  They are effectively the record of outstanding tax credits spent but not yet used to pay taxes, although that’s a technical complexity in terms of positioning this for a basic understanding of our monetary system.


A good example of this limitless (but reasonable) government spending potential occurred in 1935, where the government generated the funds required to build around 200,000 state houses. The money was printed and used to purchase the land, materials, equipment, built infrastructure and to contract all the labour necessary, by hiring architects, builders and plumbers.  The State Housing Department could then house all those in need with no debt owing and no interest to pay.  It is so easy.


For all the securities accounts we currently have, which have been created from first extending foreign dollar loans in NZ reserve accounts and then converting them to NZD securities which earn interest for the person who borrowed and then lent us the money back, that we went on to spend.  When the security expires, we then convert that sum back to foreign dollar amounts in reserve accounts and cancel the contract, effectively re-paying ourselves.  So the net effect is that through interest, we are left with a positive balance in a reserve account, which effectively can be money positively spent in the economy by the account holder and which is possibly so insignificant that we don't need to care about it.  So we effectively pay interest out on the foreign debt lent to us (that we created in the first place), but they pay interest on the foreign currency we lent to them; that we subsequently borrowed, etc.  It sounds confusing and unnecessary and that’s because it is.  What the point is that it all 'washes out' except for a small benefit to NZ, which is why it was done in the first place.  And it's all done via a swap contract that 'pairs off' all the foreign currency transactions yielding a net payment, again in our favor.  


All of these securities are effectively neutralize themselves because we lent to them and they lent back to us, paying out at a higher interest rate.  This applies to the public debt that was originally issued in a foreign currency and then 'swapped back' to $NZ.  The current obligation is to service that debt in $NZ, simply by crediting accounts at the Reserve Bank.  So it's functionally identical to simply have sold NZ securities with regard to debt service.


We have provided a 'free lunch ' income to them from taxes collected, which in more technical terms is a positive interest rate program - basic income for people who already have money - as it provides for interest payments to depositors.


We do not actually earn real money for selling government bonds, in order to then spend that perceived foreign currency on goods and services or is it all effectively meaningless because by persuading a guy to sign a contract, we end up paying them income for nothing but that signature.

It's less complicated as the foreign currency deposits come from the Reserve Bank selling $NZ and buying, for example, $US, which it would leave kept on deposit at the Federal Reserve in the US.




On the current basis, some may say that surely ever NZ dollar is backed by or linked to a foreign owned security or reserve account; which means foreigners effectively own all of our money.  However, in reality, we create each loan associated with each dollar and then change it from a reserve account to a securities account and spend it, and the contract signatory owns a few NZ tax credits or new money to spend, once the security expires, effectively.  Therefore, we do not owe the value of our country to any offshore moguls, through security contracts for foreign borrowing nor through debt we can never repay.


Clearly however, the securities and reserve accounts held at the Reserve Bank hold a mystery, risk and concern about buildups of wealth possibly held by foreign banks who’ve been creating our money supply since the late 80’s when Labour (unforgivably) privatised the right to create our money supply for private profit.


It is possible to assume that there is no risk from these reserve and security accounts, which may have trillions sitting in them, which can effectively be used as real cash, although they usually never are.  Yet as you contemplate why people would leave wealth simply sitting in accounts never doing anything with it, not seeking investments of a higher return or making use of it to buy goods and services; it is easy to conceive of another future agenda, that makes trillions in Reserve Bank accounts, look like a potential risk.  Although it is not debt technically, New Zealand does owe the holder of these accounts, real goods and services, or assets to this value, should they want to spend.  They may be limited by needing to find a willing buyer but with our current government demonstrating how easy it is for our foreign banks (large reserve and security holders) to sell up our independent New Zealand farmers, to new foreign farm owners, then it’s only a small leap, to assume that the security held over land and assets by New Zealand banks, leaves us at genuine risk that they will call up their securities, in order to create an unwilling but forced seller, from which they can use their trillions on reserve and security accounts to buy up the country.


Now the prudent answer around this is that policy and the right government would control this, but both the National and Labour government have proven themselves to be timid shadows lurking around the edges of the great power that is the foreign banks running our economy, creating our money and dictating our quality of life; while those governments think of new ways to tax us so as to take our disposable incomes away and creatively discuss how the should spend our austerity level public budget that they intentionally restrict so that children don’t get medicines, people die before they get operations and while waiting to die we must spend the majority of our time sitting in traffic and paying more and more on fuel to do so.  


The risk of leaving trillions in security and reserve accounts just sitting there, is that a future government, (if we may be cynical) was positioned as a proxy to win the vote, in order to act in the interests of a number of the majority reserve/security account holders; then they could change the law to require the government provide asset security for their reserve and security accounts and effectively privatising our taxation system to their benefit as the ISDS aspect of the TTP trade agreement already allows.   If a market crash is then engineered artificially, such as, if the banks who control our money supply and access to borrowing, then deliberately withdraw loans and we are forced (under the current incorrect system) as a nation to take on a massive new IMF loan, where they require as a term of austerity measures to increase their share of taxation revenue (under the current incorrect system), then they may require that we secure the loan with all government owned land and assets.


It would only take one document to establish asset security to back our reserve and security account (effective debts) worth trillions, in order to effectively sign over ownership of our country and globalise our nation as a corporation, which in many ways it effectively already is, and which the Paris Agreement and the TTP help to finish off.


One contemplates how radical it would be to put a time frame and allocation structure over the reserve and security accounts, which then required those foreign reserves to be spent in tranches, so that over the next 10 years, we eliminated them all, and boosted our local economy with their expenditure in regulated tranches.  One could also assume its better to let those sleeping dogs lie and instead use 'new' spending by the govt. to accomplish what we want to be accomplished and no longer issue those securities, nor continue pay interest on those accumulated; but let them sit dormant.


We would not simply cancel all reserves and securities held at the RBNZ over 10 billion dollars for example, as holdings of that size are institutional generally, so you'd be double taxing some corporation just because it's holding its after tax earnings in cash, in New Zealand.  It would effectively be illegal.


We could however begin by Investigating all existing securities established for the purpose of government, because they potentially cost us by delivering interest payments for others to buy our real value goods and services and assess what level of securities and reserve accounts above which, we would attempt to suppress use of through policy, above a certain level of excess value because their spending power could pose a future risk of too much foreign ownership or purchasing power of real goods and services.  The scenarios for this must be worked through to design an adequate policy to eliminate the risk of future governments changing the rules to sell out New Zealanders.


One could also say that even if those reserve balances were spent, that means they get shifted to whoever is the recipient of the spending.  The total balances always remain the same and equal to govt. deficit spending, however, it still could be conceived as a future risk, if under extreme circumstances, or subject to a new asset security document being issued; it gave these account holders the right to transfer masses of government assets into their name, and to use their private asset security agreements to bring stressed seller assets to market also.  


There are two outlooks on this issue.  


Looking backwards to review, update and strengthen policy:


Some may think it is necessary to deal with the reserve and security accounts held by foreign owned banks, in NZ; which were generated unnecessarily to create government expenditure.  Bearing in mind that some of these securities and reserves accounts exist due to exchange of real goods and services; but others exist illegitimately due to the creation of money.  However, they are not a problem if they don't try to spend them as they are just a number in an account at the reserve bank and historically, these account holders never do try to spend them.  So these numbers sit in reserve accounts with zero effect on our economy, however yes, that potential threat of spending is possible.  


As a first step, The Logic Party, will investigate each of the reserve and securities accounts so that we may set appropriate policy responses, to manage any potential risk posed by those reserve sums.  It is important to understand that the holders of Reserves or securities accounts here, do not effectively own us or our private or government assets; as the tax credits are backed by nothing other than the future ability to spend or use them.   They own nothing and will require willing sellers to ever spend their tax credits or use the credits to buy real goods or services in NZ.  But some reserve account holders are banks, which do have asset security held over many properties and businesses in New Zealand, which is a conflict of interest.


Given the assumed risk, that some foreigners could have incredibly high reserves and securities here, which could eventually translate into unfair spending power.  Our policy solution to deal with this concern will transact, where The Logic Party will investigate to ensure there are no reserve or security accounts which represent an unethical lending structure.   If the total sums sitting on deposit are so high and if empowered to spend these sums, then the risk the sovereignty of New Zealand at the compromise of the New Zealand people, then we must eliminate that possibility through policy.


Looking forward: 

To operate by a new, ethical system


The immediate remedy to resolve this risk on all future government spending, in order to eliminate the profiteering from government financing, is to change that rate to a permanent 0 rate policy, much like japan has done for about 30 years.   This way, there's no interest to pay on the (new) debt, again as in japan. The 0 rate proposal goes a long way toward reducing income earned on financial assets.


It is important to note with relevance to Japan that with 0 rate policies they needed to run a higher budget deficit by increasing public spending or reducing taxes in order to boost their economy; however during their flat period, their investment into infrastructure was of incredible value for the population, but the investment value as expanded money supply was absorbed by the real people who were exchanging real goods and services, and as such, it absorbed into human potential to supply and consume; but importantly it did not cause inflation, regardless of the fact that public spending investment levels were incredibly high.


The expression ‘Quantitative Easing’ is a moot point.  It simply depends on how you 'expand money supply' and first you have to define 'money supply'  Most use a narrow definition of money that doesn't include govt. securities, so the results are of no consequence to the economy.  If you 'count' govt. securities as 'money' QE  does nothing at all, which is also what the results show.  All QE is like that. It's just a placebo.


The central govt. has the capacity to fund all of our social, development and infrastructure projects at any and all times.  it's just about political will. No change in the fundamental monetary institutional structure is needed.

The reserve bank will simply makes a loan, which creates the corresponding deposit and those credited with the money supplied, will begin spending.  So effectively we will stop issuing foreigners security accounts in order to issue public spending from this point forward.  If the interest rate is 0 it doesn't matter but it evidences that the government are running an unnecessary scheme.

Interim change, if sharing power under MPP

The most important element to achieve this change, is for the government to secure control of all public and private debt extended in the country. It is important to take a view of changes that you could make within the current system, until such time that you held a majority government vote and could entirely fix the system.
Under the current system, this financial asset group will generate interest and principal repayments that are capable to service most of the public budget needs, with future capability to provide for all of the public budget needs.
In New Zealand, this choice is logical when considering that otherwise our 4 largest banks are owned by Australians and their 20 largest owners are only disclosed as anonymous shareholders from around the world, who received 2 out of every 5 dollars of New Zealand company profit generated last year, which they transferred offshore to benefit foreign owners rather than the New Zealand public.  It is better for every New Zealander to have the government own all the loans so as to provide free health care and education, than to allow foreign owners to withdraw the profits of New Zealand labor out of circulation each year.
The Government will revoke the power of registered bank license holders to create the money supply, and convert all existing citizen, mortgage and business loans that were established through the banks unethically created billions in loans on their balance sheets for the benefit of private bank owners, were all transferred into public administration.

These private licenses to literally create 

money will be deemed out of date and cancelled; no longer enabling the wealthy bank owners to profit off lifetimes of citizens hard work.

Although the Fractional Reserve Banking [FRB] system does not operate under a floated currency, The Logic system will use its structure as inspiration to return the value of this system to the benefit of each individual citizen under a new set of rules, rather than profiting a few private bank owners.


Extreme financial inequality is out of control in New Zealand, with the top 1% owning 50% the world's wealth, when half of the global population combined only own just 1%.  As the wealthy continue to crush the middle class and devastate the poor a decisive change is required to redistribute wealth away from those who now monopolise power over the system.

Here is a rough example for New Zealand under the current system which restricts government spending unnecessarily but will not change until the Logic Party win majority power.  Thus, as an interim change profile:


The public budget is roughly 83 billion this year, including the interest cost to service public foreign debt also of 83 billion.


 The citizen's private debt is roughly 400 billion dollars currently, with 200 million of mortgages and 200 billion of personal and business loans.

At a flat interest rate of 10% across all debt, the interest payments generated will provide 40 billion dollars in revenue.[acknowledging mortgage rates at 6% will be balanced by varied higher business rates up to and above 20%].

In addition to this power of our existing private debt to generate 40 billion in public revenue from existing interest payments, the principal sum itself is interesting to consider plainly.


 Repayments of loan principal on 25 year mortgages, could generate 8 billion per annum and repayments on business or private loans with terms averaging 10 years will generate 20 billion dollars in annual principal repayments.


This totals a potential 68 billion dollars in interest and principal revenues possible once the government reinstates its natural right to own, issue and benefit from the license to create money by issuing debt for the nation's citizens to borrow.

Consider how simple debt creation by governments can be.  Creating debt is simply an invitation by the government to join our economic dance, which you accept with a guarantee that while at the party, you will pay the government cash money to service the value of their invitation.  The administration effectively prints money to issue you a loan and creates a debt, which you will work to repay and service interest on over time.  They are effectively giving you the right to access money in order to attain something you value before you earn that money. You then exchange the empowerment they can give you to access opportunity, with subsequent interest and principal repayments of real cash that did not previously exist for your direct benefit before access to that money was given. This cash now created then redirects to afford the provision of free health care and all other services that provide a great society. Effectively the money is created to enable investment that builds the economy and it is recaptured to reinvest in services that support the people who build the economy.


Importantly, in the short term the government will create the money to lend, just as banks  can create money to lend but as this system establishes overtime, with no limit to debt creation and lending, the government will theoretically establish its own cash reserves to lend without requiring new money creation, which will ensure that inflation naturally balances within this new economy.   [ However, it is also important to note, that inflation is a conscious decision of sellers through the supply chain, to increase the price on goods to earn a premium for higher value, quality or demand, thus inflation can be balanced with market prices.  Whether loans are extended by the government or borrowed from offshore banks, the money still circulates and the interest is still paid but the profit is enjoyed by the bank beneficiaries, not the people; so the government controlling the right to extend lending makes sense.

The government can spend both the interest and principal repayment generated as this new sum of 'principal' money created and then repaid by the borrower, simply did not previously exist before the exchange.  While it becomes an asset as it remains a debt owed by a citizen, if the government then spends the asset, it neutralises its existence as it never existed in the first place and it was only generated by the power of authority vested in the government to allow that person to spend the money before they generated its real return through the sale of goods or services.

On this basis it is worthwhile for the government to offer loans to foreign and national companies that offer unique value in innovation or health, in order to encourage them to establish here, with the incentive of a government loan to finance their growth or development.  This intentional increase in government lending will elevate interest and principal revenue, which will potentially enable the entire public budget to be financed by debt repayments.

Currently, banking licenses allow banks to accept your house deposit, and generate a multiple of 5 or 10 times that amount as a loan, using their newly acquired ownership of your deposit to give you the loan within their right to create a multiple of an existing sum.  Then they profit from your interest payments for most of your life; simply because they have a paper contract license that allows them to extend that loan right based on the deposit you worked for.  While they are required to have the physical funds to pay out the loan upfront, over the years based on the advantage of these licenses to print money, they have established a habit of generating those loans with ease.  Thus private beneficiaries of mortgage payments are effectively taxing entire populations, simply because they hold these paper contracts that allow it.  It is essential that this right of private money creation is swiftly cancelled.

The banks will continue with the similar operating structures to manage the money but will obviously require consolidation due to lack of competition.  This will cause some loss of employment and require less retail banking as outperforming competition will no longer be required, however, the opportunity and increased disposable income that this system change will generate for people, will supercede the loss  The extreme change would establish the beneficiaries of banking profits to be everyone in the country.

Once the state administers the power of banking licenses to generate new money with new loans, it will also be required to record the savings of the average citizen which were held in the bank.  Normal citizens will not be affected as their money will be extended as savings on the new public record.  However citizens will no longer earn interest on their savings but instead they will have the right to borrow a higher multiple of their sum saved and will need to select alternative investments.  This will shift the benefit of savings from earning interest to earning the right to borrow higher levels.

Restructure the monetary system to evolve beyond the ill-conceived limitation that presumes taxation is required to finance government spending, when these two factors exist without any real relationship, unless by government policy choice to unnecessarily enforce high tax and austerity spending to suffocate the economy and remove disposable incomes.
Instead The Logic Party will
Launch a local, new
North Shore currency
to demonstrate the economic prosperity
possible with low tax and high government spending in combination
Here's how.

A North Shore currency will demonstrate the capacity for prosperity, when the potential for human exchange of real goods and services is matched with adequate supply of the ‘tool for exchange’.

This local currency will extend spending for new infrastructure, social needs and housing both without borrowing or taxes, by instead fully utilizing our available human resources to enhance the high quality public services to which we aspire.

The Logic Party combines a low-to-zero tax policy with high government spending, to offer a prosperous, low tax economy that increases disposable incomes, while enabling generous provision for the public good, to cover people's need for support.

We have the power to generate a public budget, that covers all of our costs without artificial limits, while maximising business and profit opportunities for those who prioritize wealth creation.  This is the combination that produces the best result for a population and an economy.

Logic Party founder, Miriam Clements is running for MP on the North Shore this election, to model this potential on the North Shore, for a new country to evidence a sustainable, economic transition for the envy of the world and to lead the way for the rest of New Zealand.

The North Shore is an area of New Zealand capable and confident to innovate with the best minds, technologies and financial structures that will deliver an optimised new economic reality, capable to change everyone's quality of life; without favoring either side of the growing social divide that the other political parties foster.


The Logic system demonstrates that everyone will have dignity and prosperity; without coming at the cost or sacrifice of another.  One person does not have to pay tax to finance another person's life.  Rather the government, in this case, the local government, must extend enough access to money supply for those who are not yet creating or meaningfully contributing their skill or capacity in society, to now access the 'tool for exchange' that finances their contribution  to begin.

With no risk, the North Shore can establish a new currency to


-finance all our social costs,


- increase the wages of our local nurses, school teachers, police and service workers;


- build the two bridges and overpass we need to end traffic congestion and give people back hours of their time and life to enhance their lives and families;


-construct automated underground shelving carparks and world leading sustainable buildings capable of protecting our sunlit ground level public spaces like protecting Anzac Street for the Takapuna markets.


- finance all the houses urgently required;


- establish free dental care and doctor's visits to all those who live on the North Shore and maximise the possibility of completely free health care by investing in drug innovation locally to ensure world-leading remedies can be locally produced;


- provide our children more teachers, free nutritious school lunches and invest in innovating world-class education;


- increase pensions to a living level and provide our pensioners with the best quality retirement we can conceive to innovate;

- adjust the benefits of all those locally to ensure each person's full rent cost is covered as many currently fall short, provide $250 in food allowance and more to cover food for pets if applicable and provide $100 for living costs per week; to ensure that those unemployed are empowered to restart their lives in a new job, rather than trapped into stress and poverty.

- invest in social programs for those on the benefit to spend 20 hours per week + after a 6 month initial stand down period, before then taking part in community actions or social work, such as beach clean up's and spending friendship time with elderly and those in need; with the local government having the finance to invest in empowering such initiatives.


- model world class social health programs;

- invest and innovate to better manage our beaches, waste, energy and water at a local city level.


- even extend entrepreneurship and business development loans, in order to stoke the local economy


- increased expenditure will provide our North Shore residents with increasing disposable income and improved quality of life;

* please email us about your idea's for development and social financing needs on the North Shore

 This level of positive investment is all totally possible with the most simple understanding of money, exchange, currency and how it can all be implemented to create a prosperous, generous economy; with tools to manage and diminish the risk of inflation or without devaluation risk for the NZD.

Increased money supply does not cause Inflation

Money has no cost.  It is a symbol of exchange created to enable the desire for exchange of real goods and services between humans in society.  Any assumption that inflation will automatically occur is wrong. Governments like Japan have tried to artificially create inflation for years by putting more currency into their economies. Instead, the result is that there is greater access to the tool of exchange which was then absorbed between willing buyers and sellers, for an expanded creation of goods and services for exchange.  This expanded supply was due to  people in the economy having greater access to the tool that allows them to meaningfully contribute and thus value for existing supply did not diminish.  When you consider that money is simply a reflection of real goods and services being exchanged, then the focus becomes value policy, not monetary policy and money accommodates the creation of value, instead of incorrectly acting with the function to limit, control,

extend or manage value creation in any way. Establishing reasonable access to the value system that enables exchange, results in allowing our human potential for contribution to be reached within our society.


There is an enormous amount of prospective prosperity that exists as unused supply and as potential capacity for supply within the economy.  This will only tip over into inflation, if there are IOU's for goods and services that are represented by money still in circulation due to exchange, when the entire supply available in the economy has already been consumed through spending by both the government and private citizens.


Supply of goods and services can potentially expand exponentially before peak supply is reached due to our power to both create locally or import goods and labour.  Only after peak supply naturally asserts itself, does inflation become a certain risk.  This can then be managed by a tax increase greater than the standard low tax level possible under Logic policy, in order to restrict money supply when this tipping point is reached.


When you conceive of the empty shops, empty restaurants and the people walking past wanting to use that supply but being unable to because at every level, money supply is constricted through low government spending and high taxes, then our production and human potential for exchange is constantly constrained.


What this means is that both National and Act (effectively run a budget that imposes austerity measures and forces permanent poverty and decreasing dignity on the low wage earners through unnecessarily constricted government spending) versus Labour and Top (tax on steroids, who will diminish our capacity to effectively allocate our own money and disempower us to manage our own lives, leaving us with low to no disposable income after their unnecessarily high taxation); are both different extreme's of intellectually challenged political theories; which lack of understanding of how the core fundamentals of the financial system works and we the public, pay the price. The major parties keep us in a slightly lower or higher tax version of effective poverty and austerity, restrained by a permanent scarcity of money by way of tight budgets or high tax, leaving us all without money to drive our economy and indulge the potential for our human experience.

Logic will run a six month community consultation process and then embark on a six month installation process for the Logic system to complete a soft market test.  The North Shore could begin its path toward an abundant, dynamic economy; and methodically evidence itself to the public, demonstrating to the rest of the public and the world, how monetary policy is designed best to enhance everyone's quality of life at no ones expense.

This vision for change in the form of a holistic sustainable economic system will demonstrate the right balance between people and private profit, while maximising the benefit for both.  The next step is to rally the community toward a new and sustainable economic future, with some of the best minds in the world, engaged to consult in the process of developing this superior economic model.


We can install an effective economic revolution in one three years parliamentary term on the North Shore, with me as MP here. Following that, we can take the Logic Party toward a majority vote in 2020 (with clear vision ;) ) that then empowers us to install the Logic economy of low tax, high government spending, across the country within the predominant NZD currency.


The North Shore to continue to retain its dual currency so that North Shore is financially capable to finance the new global epicentre for international sustainable justice.  The North Shore will establish an I.C.C. for Sustainability as my international intellectual legal work pioneers: - Then in order to finance all the cases necessary for prosecution, this permanent extra currency / income boost will provide a surplus to finance the international, sustainable, 'preventative justice' prosecutions that are necessary to bring the world economies, investments and resource source and supply to balance; in addition to fianncing optimised public services, enabling entrepreneurship and fostering business prosperity.


One form of inflation occurs when the entire supply of the market is all used up which then lessens the value of remaining goods because too much currency is in circulation with no goods and services remaining for consumption after already transacted government and public/private spending; but we are far from that point.


Currently we do not have enough currency in circulation; thus our essential life-support service providers like nurses, police and doctors are not paid enough; our infrastructure investment is deficient; many people can barely afford to service rent or their mortgage; many more cannot afford to shop on the weekend or book a holiday nor eat out at a restaurant a few times a week. An excess in real goods and services exist as supply, along with the unfulfilled desire amongst people in the area to exchange value.  However, currently money, which is a meaningless digital number or a mere slip of paper, which only attains value after real exchange, should not hold an unnatural power to restrict that exchange in the first place.  What if the power of money is diminished to only attain value once representing real exchange.  A value policy would evolve this tool, to be only that of a symbol of value which is represented digitally after it is is accepted with meaning, to be available for willing parties who are ready to consume or offer goods and services.


This asserts the exchange of real value to be our currency or controlling economic factor to ensure human contribution is not limited by a lack of currency credits to give each person's contribution a reasonable chance of market uptake.  Obviously bringing individual value to market only has value if people have that mechanism of exchange, so that they may create their own credits when they desire what you offer.  


So while when all supply of goods and services are absorbed by either government and public/private purchasing, then and only then inflation may appear to be increased but can be immediately tempered by slightly increasing the low level of taxation [under Logic] that will direct diminish spending power; thus remove the excess out of the economy. So we can easily and immediately control that and reduce spending power out of the economy.


The other important consideration for inflation is to acknowledge that if someone in the supply chain becomes greedy and puts up the price, forcing everyone to pay this higher price for goods like fuel and energy or telecommunication companies, then individuals choose to cause inflation.  A current example in New Zealand is the high price of domestic energy and telecommunications, where many kiwi's cannot access humane level of communications and heat because they have been priced out of the market, for such facilities that are necessary for human dignity.


Another way to think of inflation in a positive light, is when a designer fashion label charges $400 for what costs them only $40 in raw materials to make. The point being that increased pricing is not outright bad within a healthy artisan producing, trade-protected, self-sufficient economy; as long as real incomes and disposable cash within a low tax system is higher, thus still accommodating

desire and demand at its luxury price.

It's simply about balancing what is real and not structuring life around a symbol for real exchange but structuring that symbol to accommodate and support the generation of life.  Conceiving of a living breathing economy that expands in real time to a much greater degree of prosperity before our entire capacity for supply is consumed by government and citizens; which can potentially keep expanding ten-fold to a far greater extent that those obsessed with the inflation story forced austerity measures can cope with contemplating, given their tendency to suffocate our human potential by restricting our money supply due to fear of not being able to handle the living organism of expanding growth and development.


This means that they constrict and suffocate the economy due to fear of allowing its growth because they can't handle themselves or the space between now and that expansions tipping point to complete consumption of supply... when a capable political party would understand that the living organism of our big economy of provision; can get bigger and bigger and bigger as long as there are willing participants to buy and sell for reasonable value; as long as it does not diminish the government's power to buy what it needs at reasonable prices by absorbing all the public need with private demand.


Another thing to consider, is the fact that every time a foreigner comes into the country, the government says 'ok, we recognise that your Aussie or US or French or Iranian or Israeli dollars are worthless here' but we will honor our foreign currency agreement and create new NZD money supply, to give you equivalent (sort of) value in NZD so that you will then go and invest in the economy (and buy all our auckland houses) and with that the existing governments persuade themselves that expanding the money supply by choice for a foreigner to function with wealth here is a good thing. And yet, this would be no different to marking up someone's cheque account with new money, while remaining unwilling to credit the checking accounts of hospitals or the police; extending new credits to pay nurse lifesavers or our security force.


While they could just as easily choose to mark up chequing accounts to pay nurses instead of seeking to actively expand the money supply for entirely new humans to enter NZ and enjoy our economy with our excess supply.  In real terms, foreign currency is worthless here and while it may enable NZ to buy real goods and services offshore that brings value in, it does not impact their expansion of our local money supply and the international exchange has no obvious impact on our economy and will often simply sit as a foreign held reserve.


Furthermore; another form of new money creation or expanded supply that constantly occurs, is when banks create a new debt, and simultaneously they create a deposit in another account and voila, the books are balanced and they have expanded the money supply.  


The government have the responsibility to allow the public to access the mechanism of exchange to do as they wish as long as the effective asset backing remains real goods and services ready and desired for exchange; as such, the current governments are quite simply immoral for not allowing us access to the symbol of exchange to meet desire and capability for exchange as we all have a natural capacity limit and thus this establishes a natural market restriction.


Perhaps the real question is, can people create their own money supply with a central digital record kept.  Lets imagine everyone has a cheque book and when we exchange goods, we issue a cheque that represents the value exchange. That cheque can then be used to directly pay another for a different goods and services exchange.  This cheque doesn't need to go to bank nor to be issued by the central government but is in fact issued by the individual.but it has some special mark to ensure it's not counterfeit and we can create our value of new currency to represent a real exchange value at the point of exchange and then use that to exchange elsewhere for something else again at a different time.  Someone walks away with the exchangeable cheque just written to be used at another time and someone walks away with the other person's goods and services, happy to have given up part of their currency pool. As long as the seller can then use that cheque differently with another merchant, then no government middle man would be necessary to regulate this creation of money for exchange.  


Restricting investment between real people for real goods, leaves enormous excess of real goods and services un-consumed, wasted and causing business closures and service withdrawals; will automatically cause inflation is totally incorrect; and it's a narrative taught to every person from a young age so they don't conceive of the natural dynamics of an exchange of value system. There is a massive expansion in money supply that could and should occur immediately along with a massive decrease in taxation right now in the system; which Logic will model the remedy in NSD (good abbreviation ;) ); so that people can get on with living a prosperous abundant life with access to the symbol of exchange as much as needed to enjoy the readiness to exchange by the real members of society; as they did before bean counters and those with bachelor of arts and socialist degrees, decided to express their control desires on all other normal people capable of exchanging within the natural limits of their supply and demand quite nicely in balance and comfort and peace without central governance ignorance.  No inflation when we inject development money into the North Shore to invest in our infrastructure, service person's, social needs and businesses. All will naturally compensate until such a point that our entire annual supply capacity to present value for exchange is consumed.

Acknowledging that the most sophisticated economic minds all agree that taxation does not need to be collected, before or  in order to generate, public spending, The Logic Party will
Run a close to zero Income Tax Policy
[ to increase disposable incomes ]
Develop toward a
tax free society;
[ backed by a floated currency
ensuring zero risk of bankruptcy ]
 Owe zero foreign debt
[ unless hedged for profit] 
Here's how.
We do not need to pay tax, in order for the government to generate public spending.
The government do not need to collect taxes before they generate credit for our needs, into checking accounts of those who supply our needs.  
The economic theory of the major parties is fundamentally flawed.  They are over-taxing and under-spending; wheather it's the last nine years under National or the previous nine years under Labour.
There are two primary roles that taxation plays in the economy.  
1. Taxation has the power to regulate or reduce the spending power in the economy, by removing our disposable incomes so that spending stops.  This will allow inflation to be controlled at such a time that consumption of supply of goods and services peaks at full capacity; thus excess supply of money could drive prices up and devalue the currency, which taxation can restrict.
2. Taxation motivates people to go out to work and become productive as they are required to pay taxes on what they own and earn.  This factor is important for a new currency as the only currencies that work, are those tied to a tax, that people must secure, in order to meet their obligation to pay.
Income tax must be effectively cancelled or reduced to between 1 - 5 %, in order to immediately drive up the disposable incomes of every citizen so that they may start investing in their own quality of life, while simultaneously boosting the economy.
Even within the current New Zealand system, current income tax revenue of $35 billion could be replaced with the $40 billion interest earnings from a 10% interest rate on the 400 billion of current private debt; simply by securing the right to print money for the advantage of the entire population, rather than licensing a few with private banking licenses to profit from it.  But this is not necessary, because only those of limited cognitive capability unnaturally trap spending to the limits of taxation, which should be much lower than government spending to foster a healthy economy.
Reducing, then cancelling GST Tax
A second stage of transition will aim to reduce the need for goods and services taxes on national goods, which currently totals $20.5 billion per annum.  GST should be immediately dropped of real foods, including fruit and vegetables, to make them more affordable for people to access an healthy diet.
Retaining miscellaneous taxes to deter consumption
Miscellaneous taxes such as customs duty, petrol, alcohol, Tobacco will remain as tax can be used as a tool to deter or limit goods of threat to the health.  Road user charges will become more important as if cars convert to entirely free and environmentally safe fuel sources.  [Logic 6]  ​Resident withholding tax will no longer be charged as people will no longer have the option to earn interest on their money, as this will be the government's right.
Reduce or eliminate small business taxes
The aim will be to evolve to eliminate taxes on small business also, as many in small business New Zealand live a stressful existence struggling to afford their tax bill and retain little more.  This income boost will allow them to either enjoy their life a little more, or invest and grow their otherwise, often stagnant businesses as they simple do not have access to capital and taxation removes their power to grow.
Corporate Tax
Currently the corporate tax income is $13.7 billion.  Large companies operating above certain levels of profit, will be required to pay taxes in order to enhance the population's quality of life and manage corporate spending power as is necessary; however it's possible that our corporate tax could evolve to be amongst the lowest in the world as the system begins to establish consistency, which will further encourage business investment.  
This corporate tax provides the system with extra revenue flexibility if necessary.  The government can extend development loans to corporates and thus the potential for this income to rise is exponential, through interest and principal repayments on the loans.  
International companies will motivated to structure more of their business here, given the government's power to offer them a world-class low-tax rate, coupled with the extension of development loans, which will skyrocket investment and market partnership opportunities.
A flourishing society can exist in the future almost tax free.
The administrative complexity, intimidation and lack of privacy inflicted by the tax system and its management, will be eliminated.
The general population can be free of this unnatural economic slavery imposed to entrap a healthy portion of most revenue sources under unnecessary government control and then force the requirement of productivity on the population in a high tax, austerity economy, that forces the population to struggle toward survival under circumstances that make this permanently difficult.
Protecting our tax system from global unipolar governance control
We must be vigilant to protect our public and citizen revenues from international systems which will dictate tax allocations. 
The intent to effectively privatise the benefit and control of your taxes through trade agreements like the TTP provision for the ISDS - Investor State Dispute Settlement, that allows corporations to sue the government for taxes;
Banking interest and principal payments on new money supply created entirely for the profit of banks, is effectively a way to tax the population on a permanent basis. 
This is the current risk of the Paris Agreement, which does nothing enforceable to stop environmental destruction but compels billions in taxes to be sent offshore. It engineers a new global tax system based on carbon through the ETS trading scheme. This has been designed to systematically erode control of your tax system as it is implemented over the years to enable a future of unipolar global governance.  
Of further concern is the fact that when Greece was bankrupted, one of the austerity measures proposed for new lending, was the complete privatisation of the tax system.  This was successfully refused but the intention was held to privatise the national taxation system, thus effectively privately owning the financial output of citizens.

A floating currency backs this position.

The benefit to have a floating currency is that we have no risk of government insolvency, which means our pensioners payments could be doubled tomorrow and the cheques will always clear.  The government never needs to bounce a cheque.   

This effectively means that the government could never charge a tax and they could pay for everything they ever need to purchase among citizens as real goods and services for the rest of time, without needing tax.


The markets don't control government interest rates, and so with a floating interest rate, we can sustain full employment  if we want.  We are not vulnerable to currency trading moguls, with the power to crash our economy if they secure large enough chunks of our money, in fact the opposite is true.  


It is rumored that our ex prime minister once worked for the man who bought all our currency on the moment it floated and then crashed our economy, costing a few hundred thousand jobs and doubling suicide rates in New Zealand as a result of the economic stress.  Now, with our currency traded, if a large holder of NZ currency moves our currency out, then this surely does affect our economy but there are appropriate policy responses.  But first, if you consider the fact that today the larger nations are trying, unsuccessfully to get their currencies to go down so as to create jobs in the export sector. When this mystery person allegedly caused our currency to appreciate which cost jobs, it would be easy enough for the govt to keep the currency from going up, by selling it.


The government can regulates what level of currency is traded but it's generally not all that important.  


Conversely there is no advantage of cancelling our floating currency and our RBNZ and foreign owned banks, simply need to be subjected to increased NZ govt regulation and supervision.

Close to Zero Foreign Debt Position

There are two published aspects to our foreign debt and both are of negligible consequence.


Our core foreign debt, given its 93% + hedged position at year in 2016, will be most likely earning us a couple of hundred million per year in foreign currency revenues.  Our foreign debt is the currently 86 billion dollar figure held as foreign currency loans.


At March end 2016, New Zealand held 111 million in foreign debt, of which 93% + was hedged.  This means that we took borrowings from a country, left the money in the foreign account where funds were received; and then lent those same funds back to the original lender as a securities account which allowed that government to spend the money held as securities, while paying us a higher price on our lending, than we were charged on our borrowing.  This is a byproduct of a foreign exchange rule, that is unnecessary but is capable of generating us a foreign currency return.  


Our effective net unhedged, foreign debt could be currently zero to negligible and easily repaid.


Thus, one of the wannabe Prime Ministers is stating a policy that she intends to reduce foreign debt to 20% - which is counter productive, as it definitely earns us money via our hedged, as per the detail published.  Unless our existing government has hedged unwisely, which is unlikely given it was established by John Key who was by trade a foreign currency trader.  Thus we can safely assume that Jacinda, leader of the Labour party, has no understanding of hedging or our debt, according to the publicly available profile on our debt.


The second published aspect of our foreign debt is a loan from the IMF, which at only 830 million, is in real terms in inconsequential.   This  small debt to the IMF could be easily paid down immediately, to resolve at a zero sum position and walk away with complete independence.  


A curiosity exists to view the sale and purchase agreement relevant to New Zealand’s gold stockpile which they assumed as security by the IMF, to back our first loan under Muldoon’s governance in the 1960’s where he openly disclosed his hesitancy to take a loan from this organisation, due to the threat they posed against National sovereignty.  This is explained by instances the IMF contracting companies into loans that crippled their economy.  They have been responsible for instigating inflation in nations, on many occasions, around the world, by extending loans to developing nations that ramped up utility prices so quickly, that their currency devalued overnight through deliberate artificial price increases on goods and services that were essential to the population having electricity, heat and hot water or fuel for transportation.  When the IMF did this in Indonesia, riots and protests in the streets forced the prices to fall again immediately; but evidenced their artificial creation of inflation through government debt contract, austerity measures.  However, it does not appear that they have this power over New Zealand and the only aspect that is not clearly published, is to what level the IMF hold New Zealand Reserve or Security accounts at the IMF.

Importantly also, The Bank of International Settlements to which New Zealand is a member, appears to be nothing of obvious consequence.

Unsustainable Foreign Debt of other nations

New Zealand's debt position is possibly one of the best in the world.
Effectively almost zero.
However, it is important to detail the Logic position in general toward unsustainable, accumulated international public debt which is impoverishing and then bankrupting nations.
Declare the country's debt as unethically contracted under corrupt governance, so as to void or suspend debt contracts, while completing transition to Government Debt Control for public budget benefit
The Logic position is that the time has come for nations to mount an international legal argument to annul their foreign debt, based on similar international legal cases.
Once the foreign debt is annulled, average hard-working citizens will no longer be required to work to pay taxes that services interest for the benefit of some of the world's wealthiest individuals and countries, who are structured as anonymous loan owners. 
One existing international legal argument demonstrated the U.S. vs. Italy annulling a debt owed by Iraq to Italy before U.S. gained control of Iraq through war and then declared this international debt invalid as they were under new leadership.  Thus under new leadership any nation can make the same argument, claiming that enslaving an entire population to service the growing fortunes of the wealthiest in the world while struggling to pay their costs of living, is unethical and immoral; especially when those individual debt holders are aware that the world considers the disproportionate distribution of wealth to be a danger to the survival and sustainability of humanity. 
A new government of Venezuela also refused to pay debt to the U.S. which previous governments had contracted, stating the debt to be immorally and illegally contracted by corrupt former politicians, who were willing to sign contracts that would eventually privatise sovereignty or bankrupt nations.  
In ancient times, Emperor Nero confiscated all the wealth of the aristocracy to rebuild Rome.  The King of France banished the Knights Templars to cancel the debts that were to bankrupt the nation.  On both occasions, the wealth that had been funnelled to a few, was returned to the benefit of the people by a simple decision to do so.
For example the pressure to export to earn foreign currency so that the nation can service foreign debt, forces industries like farming to be railroaded into high intensity farming for low reliable payments to help service foreign debt.
IF our New Zealand public debt of approximately $86 billion required servicing by our taxes at more than $4.1 billion per year, which would be roughly 11.32 million dollars per day that our debt was rising by, then a substantial portion of our taxes would be paid out to the service interest for the benefit of foreign debt owners. Gratefully with our debt hedged, this is not the case.
This elimination of each nation's debt, provides an obvious solution to the meetings in Davos, whereby world leaders 
disingenuously discuss solutions to diminish the disproportionate distribution of wealth with no redistribution outcomes.
The individuals who have benefited from owning national taxes in this way, should be declared transparently, so that the effective owners of the nation are known to the citizens who have paid their debt at the compromise of their quality of life.
A truly sustainable society is not possible without eliminating this international foreign debt, debt assumed by corrupt models of governance.  To often, large international lending organisations are evidenced to have overthrown governments, or disrupted civilian peace, in order to create the chaos that requires urgent and substantial cash lending, which then force the prices of utilities and commodities to skyrocket for the citizens; thus attempting to compromise human dignity and bankrupt nations for external empire building, profit and control.  
Annulling the foreign debt of nations, would eliminate the enslavery of populations currently managed by these banking institutions.
This is a crucial change that will allow for a future economy where citizens are not required to pay taxes as taxation is not required for government spending, nor for the power to service foriegn debt.
The risks of militarised backlash is often mentioned and acknowledged but such an act of aggression would not be legal for a civil financial matter and thus it would be highly unlikely.  Sanctions would be avoided through an international proposition to all international governments that this release of debt is necessary for the survival of future generations and thus a truly sustainable economic transition model requires this release of current generations from such debts incurred by politicians who governed to facilitate the system hijack for those of international wealth and power.
Where debt is lent between governments,
the same immoral and unethical basis for the lending will be argued.  Risk of sanctions are increasingly less irrelevant, the more self sufficient a nation becomes and with current technology, pharmaceuticals licensed for local production and local planning for a broader food provision, the self sufficiency of a nation is possible to structure.
 The likely outcome is that a long international legal battle will ensue, where human rights and a population's survival with dignity, must win in priority to out-of-date contracts that further enrich the world's' greatest fortunes.
This legal precedent to annul foreign debt must be successfully established to enable the sustainability of future generations and enable the utopian freedom that will exist for the human experience in a system without need for taxation or public, foriegn controlled debt.
Utilize international trade barriers and legislation against monopolies or forced productivity to
Protect local opportunity
to create, meaningfully contribute, own your property and earn a living wage.
Here's how.

Reinstate trade barriers to prohibit cheap commodity imports, which are often responsible for inflicting labor conditions that violate human rights and environmental protection laws, in other countries;while producing unsustainable transportation pollution and excessive consumption waste.


Foster a self-sufficient society of flourishing, creative communities that value quality and craft by local artisans and inventors, in order to protect the local people’s opportunity to competitively design and make quality products or services locally.


Capture the wealth of a community for continual exchange between locally trading stakeholders, by limiting global imports to that of essential, of unique international value or luxury goods; including food, natural resources, quality creative expression or design, health or well-being and fair-trade to empower impoverished international communities.

A person's right to own a property they live in, work in and personally use.  Every person has the right to a home with security of tenure, without disturbance or loss.  This provision to security of tenure and adequate housing is actually a signed commitment by each nation with the United Nations.

While people will service their rent or mortgage through the central administration, private sales to transfer ownership but rentals are no longer allowed for the profit of private landlords, unless at all times, that landlord remains willing to sell the property to the people in residence or the property can be held by the government until its next private owner.

Centrally provided property mortgages and the right to own the home you live in  is essential for localized trading groups with unique currencies or modes of exchange to function with necessary self-sufficiency, as accommodation is a primary cost for each individual, thus it must be independent of any external landlord control so that local communities can trade amongst themselves without the requirement to earn external revenue to service  a primary cost to an external landlord, just as external foreign debt owners also compromise the freedom and value exchange of the national country.

Investors will no longer own properties that they do not use, with exception of private agreement with a renter.  Property magnates would be largely forced to reliquish ownership of the properties that they do not use to the state or the current renter, unless the renter agrees by exception not to take the mortgage for the house they live in. New mortgages will be  be allocated to the current property user by the state and as such, the public budget will now increase with each mortgage payment.

Business owners will naturally have the right to own the mortgage on their business premises.

An example of those property moguls affected with their wealth empire redistributed by this change, the church would be forced to sell its enormous property holdings, that they acquired through historically seizing and stealing the property of our ancestors during the dark ages and churches themselves will be returned to the use of communities as a connecting space of common spiritual benefit.

Reducing opportunity for profiteering property investment will positively force an investment shift toward new and operating businesses, arts and culture, rather than non-essential property ownership.  While this diminishes an easy investment route, the benefit is that every living being is empowered with secure housing and thus peace of mind.  Every person under United Nations law deserves such security of tenure and the right to adequate housing.

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