Policy Announcement: 

Establishing an International Criminal Court for sustainability

To lead the world in change, from the North shore of Auckland, New Zealand.

Miriam and Michael, August 2017

One of the world’s leading criminal barristers 

Michael Mansfield QC, joins forces with

North Shore Candidate for MP 

Miriam Clements 

to establish an epicentre for sustainable justice as

The International Criminal Court for Sustainability


Michael has supported Miriam’s pioneering legal arguments to the International Criminal Court, in defence of water, the world’s major ecosystems, the Rainforest, Coral Reefs and the Arctic for years.  

Miriam has uniquely interpreted existing law to hold industrialists and financiers criminally and financially liable for their environmental destruction and contamination inflicted while in pursuit of profit.

Miriam’s world-first, world-changing legal argument offers taxpayers an alternative to the Paris Agreement.  Otherwise due to cost 14 billion in taxes transferred offshore in the next 10 years alone, to pay other nations for their unenforceable promises to pollute less and to finance the United Nations into world government power.

Recently in New Zealand, as the Key-Note Speaker for the Criminal Bar Association's annual conference, Michael is famed for cases such as "the controversial inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, as counsel for Mohamed Al Fayed. He is the man who helped to free the Guildford Four and the Birmingham Six, the man who represented Michael Barrymore at the inquest into the death of Stuart Lubbock, the man who acted for the family of Stephen Lawrence, the man whose name is on nearly every headline-hogging court case of recent times, from posthumous appeals on behalf of the last man hanged in Britain, James Hanratty, to defending the man accused of Jill Dando's murder, Barry George."

The Independent.

"For me Michael is also the best environmental lawyer in the world and it is an honor to have his support for my work to end the contamination of our water, air, soil and oceans."

Miriam Clements

Miriam deep in the Amazon Rainforest, December 2016

Being at the front-line of defending our major ecosystems internationally, provided me with a unique perspective on the Paris Agreement as per its failure to hold industrialists criminally and financially liable for the cost of environmental destruction.  Instead the issue of contamination and ecological imbalance, over consumption and pollution, is cleverly restructuring into a carbon narrative that charges the taxpayer for the devastation that continues to profit industrialists, without limitation.

My most recent legal argument, which approaches the 'climate change' term from the perspective of direct contamination of our water, air, soil and oceans; which could establish a game-changing series of prosecutions, that would immediately compel investors the world over, to seek only sustainable development opportunities.

These 'preventative' prosecutions, need a new culture of court, capable to act with the speed necessary to prevent the crimes of environmental destruction, illegal warfare and address the global monetary fraud that has entrapped the populations of the world in unsustainable debt.



six years development to identify, argue, lobby and advance this law.

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Press Release:   September Sunday 10th


The ETS carbon tax is a fraud on new zealanders wealth and future sovereignty; A superior solution exists to resolve the issue of industrial contamination by holding industrialists liable

The Logic Party's zero-tax alternative to ‘End Environmental Destruction’ and instigate a world-class sustainable transition in NZ, allows us the choice to avoid any new emission trading scheme that will increase taxation.

Instead, The Logic Party Candidate for MP on the North Shore in Auckland, Miriam Clements​ , proposes New Zealand apply the international law ratified in NZ, directly against industrialists, in order to resolve the crime of Climate Change with financial and criminal liability falling with those most responsible for the contamination of our air, water, soil, oceans and health.  

Having communicating this legislative choice to both major parties, Clements portfolio of work evidences that the Labour / National party preference to bill the taxpayer for the cost of industrial pollution, is an intentional misdirect to deflect liability from the industrialists and their interests, which these governments so clearly prioritize ahead of public interest.

Clements has led the intellectual revolution toward the holy grail of 'Climate Litigation' internationally, by identifying the only existing globally enforceable law that is capable of transitioning 120 nations to an entirely new sustainable, economic paradigm; with criminal penalties and potentially the court's seizure of entire fortunes earned as a result of industrial destruction, where  awareness of the devastating consequence from industrialists pursuit of profit, can be evidenced.

Clements has now JOINED FORCES with one of the world's leading Criminal Barristers, Michael Mansfield QC, who has been a long term supporter of her legal arguments that pioneer this game changing interpretation of law to end environmental destruction.  Together they are focused toward New Zealand establishing an 'International Criminal Court for Sustainability', that will lead the world in judicially enforced sustainable change; stating "We will work to establish a new epicentre for global sustainable justice, right here on Auckland's North Shore."


The intent will be to establish an extension of the I.C.C., with the culture and judicial speed capable to preemptively protect some of the world's most vulnerable populations and ecosystems from ‘calculated’, foreseeable harm; with the courage to act on the court's existing power and responsibility to protect.

Her world-first legal interpretation of the Rome Statute, governed by the world's highest court, has placed Clements at the front-line of defending our international ecosystems for the past 10 years, from the Amazon Rainforest, to the Coral Reefs and the Arctic.   

Miriam identified law that will render industrialists both financially and criminally liable for causing the majority of our environmental contamination while rewarded with excessive personal profit, at the cost of our health. Before she identified this law, no known international law existed capable to stop the destruction of human and environmental health by industrialists in pursuit of profit.  In 2016 after years of establishing this unexpected argument through different case submissions; the court put all countries on notice that they will now prosecute the crime of Environmental Destruction.

Since the court accepted her Global Climate Change argument for review on May 3rd this year, Clements suggests the work has culminated to the point that it needs a country with the political will to champion, finance and prosecute several of her cases, which could establish a precedent that will change decision-making culture of investors across the world.

Interestingly, Clements world-leading argument against Climate Change, clearly demonstrates that Labour's new 'Climate' policy is naive to the cause and effect of the issue, versus the outcome of the agreement signed; which simply allows all the pollution to continue with a slightly higher cost of doing business and distributes the cost across the entire population as a multi-level tax.  She suggests that Labour’s new climate policy announced last week to apply emission tax to all sectors within one year of government,  evidences that Jacinda either seriously lacks any real understanding of the issue or she is a willing participant in a deliberate fraud to increase your taxes and strengthen control of the UN over a sovereign nation; without preventing or ending industrial destruction in any genuine way. This is a blind willingness to execute an international imperialist agenda that is also shared by National, Top and the Greens. 

This compromise of New Zealanders is consistent with the ever evolving level of globalisation that the two major parties willingly install, while diminishing sovereign control over every aspect of our monetary, tax and trade system.

Clements also believes the Paris Agreement is a greater threat to national sovereignty than the TTP.  She suggests that the political parties who currently aim to naively or insidiously re-engineer our society, currency, tax and trade toward an effective new global currency, are confused by the notion that 'carbon is a pollutant', when it is the gas that sustains all life. Yet all parties understand that this agreement does not prohibit industrialists from continuing their contamination of our environment for excessive profits; therefore, they knowingly shift the liability to charge taxpayers for the financial cost of industrialist destruction continuing.

New Zealand is currently committed to transfer 14 billions in taxes away from hard-working New Zealanders, over the next 10 years as signatories to the Paris Agreement. They will effectively pass along kiwi’s taxes to some the world's most corrupt nation-state leaders, in exchange for their unenforceable promises to pollute less, which is little more than bribery with no guaranteed outcome. It is especially ironic given the false carbon figures that nations are already submitted to the IPCC and many failed 'carbon as our new global currency' schemes that have come before.

This agreement will also transfer out billions in our taxes to finance the United Nations into genuine global power, based on increasing control over sovereign tax systems; that both Bill Gates and The Pope now currently promote. We should also not discount the current use of weather warfare, in the form of electromagnetic and EMP technologies and Haarp, that are capable of inflicting weather catastrophes that could 'in the future' trigger mass transfers of sovereign taxes to the UN, under the guise of humanitarian support for weather emergencies.

Instead, with a new I.C.C. extended to utilize existing law with a focus on 'preventative justice'; we may advance prosecutions against industrialists and financiers of environmental destruction or similar crimes; with intent to establish a global legal precedent that will eliminate the liability on taxpayers for the cost of the industrialists continuing to profit from thousands of new dirty resource extractions to all the government signatories to the Paris Agreement license, finance or arrange without limitation.  

Environmental Destruction, Contamination, Pollution and Overconsumption are real but the Paris Agreement does nothing to end these threats to our water, air, soil, ocean and human health by dirty industry. Instead, it simply shifts responsibility from those causing the devastation, on to the global population who may or may not consume a little of it; while the industrialists have profited in billions from its extraction or sale, with a maximum penalty of a slightly higher cost of doing business, with free reign to continue destroying.

We invite you to read our full policy set online: www.logic.org.nz

The message is brought to you by Miriam Clements, standing to win your vote to become your new MP on the North Shore and show the world, how a new economy can bring prosperity and support to all people in society.